Keith Cortado's official statement

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Keith Cortado's official statement

Postby Harlow » November 9th, 2014, 4:33 pm

Regarding the events after the TAL-TXS 11/07 game. ... 9192669184

Keith Cortado, the Typhoons' rookie, sat down on the table in front of several cameras, the press conferece set up by Mr. Arango, the Typhoons General Manager, as soon as the issue was heard of. The llama was stoic, and one could say the scenario looked forced, but it was the rules implemented to him. A short echo of the microphone in front of him later, he spoke up, reading the content of a sheet of paper.

"I would like to express my deepest apologies to Mr. Knight for my actions on November 7th. We should be joining together as professional athletes and promote friendly competition as an alternative to the inner city violence we both grew up with, not fighting each other and perpetuating it. Rivalry should remain on the court, and we should remember that we are not enemies, but peers.

My actions disgraced myself, the Tallahassee Typhoons, the FBA, and the city I came from. I accept the six game suspension and look forward to meeting with Mr. Knight again, and I hope that we can move beyond this incident. Thank you."

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