FBADL Draft 2016-17 Season

For all those players that didn't get drafted or lost their contracts and dropped down a rung, here's the spot to discuss them.
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FBADL Draft 2016-17 Season

Postby JWolfman » October 1st, 2016, 6:26 pm

The FBADL Draft occurred on October 1, 2016 and were picked from a pool of players that are RFAs. To be eligible for the pool, each player has to be under a five-year limit since their Draft Year. Currently the earliest eligible Draft Year is 2011. While older players are still RFAs and thus can still be called up to the FBA, those with Draft Years of 2010 and earlier would not be eligible for the FBADL. Also any player with an outstanding FBA contract offer would not be included in the FBADL Draft.

Owner: Drake Teran
City: McCall, ID
Arena: Peak Stadium
Capacity: 13,000

Natnael Omar (C)
Rudolf Deraine (F/C)
Roberta Ryan (F/G)
Raelyn Munro (G)
Kyle McLeod (G)
Deshaun Rayban (G/F)
Troy Kilson (G)
Osiris Maasri (G)
Sascha Selanne (G)
Ron Williamson (F)
Alexander Yang (F)


Owner: Joshua Ewers
City: Macon, GA
Arena: Peach Arena
Capacity: 11,900

Lucian Darcy (C)
Frank Billingsley (C)
Vernon Hopsdale (G/F)
Victor Chiroptera (G/F)
Vladimir Katja (G/F)
Justin Links (G/F)
Keo Kabat (G)
Kadala Mincus (G)
Vincent Pelletier (G)
Courtney Durant (G)
Francisco Garibay (F)
George Bailey (F)


Owner: Ulysses Garcia
City: Lexington
Arena: Pioneer Memorial
Capacity: 11,000

Gorge Pappamalous (C)
Hugo Flynn (F/C)
Teresa Price (F)
Paxton Brockers (F)
Esequiel Cajeta (G/F)
Brian Maddys Insu (G)
Zachery Vincent (G)
Leonid Aksarin (G)
Korene Gooding (G)
Gale Let (G)
Carla Andrews (G)


Owner: Chris Reis
City: Hartford, CT
Arena: Hartford Arena
Capacity: 9,000

Alejandro Salazar (C)
Odin Farley (G/F)
Josh Green (F/G)
Antso Djom (G)
Barkley Quinonez (G)
Alexandra Lenore (G)
Violet Collins (G)
Tori Wetmore (G)
Denise Lazique (G)
Jacinta Ortega (G)
Lukas Sangre (F)
Angelina Nightfire (F)


Owner: Albert Brown
City: Cheyenne, WY
Arena: Wyoming Arena
Capacity: 9,400

Arturo Vecchiopiuma (C)
Maximilian Piers (F/C)
Kang-Fa Xie (F)
Lance McGwire (F)
Emmitt Kubari (F)
Emil O'Rourke (F)
Jerome Swimmer (G)
August Murphy (G)
Ryan Rottshep (G)
Simon Lee (G)
Beulah Rollinghouse (G)


Owner: Hunter Wilson
City: Rocky Mountain House, AB, CAN
Arena: Rocky Mountain Arena
Capacity: 5,600

Chester O'Shaghnessy (C)
Jordan Marx (C/F)
Aza Johnson (G/F)
Emily Blake (F)
Andrew West (F)
Xavier Duncan Hanover (F)
Jirra Martin (G)
Jasper Lee (G)
Daphne Milos (G)
Anteros Sveria (G)
Shanice Alveres (G)


Owner: German Malone
City: Halifax, NS, CAN
Arena: Harbour Stadium
Capacity: 9,500

Kenta Yamashita (C)
Brent Challenger (C)
Bayu Sidoharjo (F)
Rudiger Schoenwaldd (F)
Anton Ivanov (F)
Mitch Henderson (F)
Fit Normello (G)
Gerald Puck (G)
Shawntae Gibson (G)
Juan Andres Ffrost (G)
Ousman Lee (G)
P.J. Zarr (G)


Owner: Barney Smith
City: Omaha, NE
Arena: Omaha Palace
Capacity: 14,000

Ozzie Templeton (C)
Tucker Love (F/C)
Joseph Yanush (F)
Morgan Winther (F)
Domino White (F)
Deni Kabarga (G)
Noah Brink (G)
Jean-Baptiste Reynard (G)
Normanna Redway (G)
Jayden Moreno (G)
Jada Minucci (G)
Jeremiah Asenta (G)


Owner: Michel Richmond
City: Weston, WV
Arena: Weston Arena
Capacity: 4,000

Frank Collins (C)
Pavlov Shivchenko (F/C)
Logan Fang (F/G)
Kathrine Scuri (G/F)
Kelly Sprach (F)
Emanuel Conwell (G)
Kevin Lokhart (G)
Jorey Mavrick (G)
Bruneau St Claire (G)
Clovis McKay (G)
Robert Munteanu (G)


Owner: Jerrel Weis
City: Sedona, AZ
Arena: Red Rock Arena
Capacity: 9,500

Aristotle Zechariah (C)
Cassandra Cassiano (F/C)
Javier Villagomez (F)
Angelica Hutton (F)
Brett Rhondae (G/F)
Keith Cortado (G)
Lim Poong (G)
Jenifer Shelton (G)
Jeyne Callighan-Burton (G)
Helen Prescott (G)
Moses Workman (G)
Narkissa Kassius (TAL) - Akako Tsubasa (LOR) - Adam Tevela (QNS) - Yesina Selas (SAS) - Brad Pullman (TXS) - Shanice Alveres (FA) - Xavier Saffiren (WPG) - Greg Saffiren (WPG)

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