2017 FBADL All-Star Game

For all those players that didn't get drafted or lost their contracts and dropped down a rung, here's the spot to discuss them.
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2017 FBADL All-Star Game

Postby JWolfman » February 28th, 2017, 6:11 pm

Hartford Arena
Hartford, Connecticut, USA
March 30th, 2017


Starting C - GORGE PAPPAMALOUS (Lexington Pioneers)
Starting PF - LUKAS SANGRE (Connecticut Dots)
Starting SF - TERESA PRICE (Lexington Pionners)
Starting SG - FIT NORMELLO (Halifax Schooners)
Starting PG - KADALA MINCUS (Georgia Peachtrees)
Bench - SHAWNTAE GIBSON (Halifax Schooners)
Bench - KEO KABAT (Georgia Peachtrees)
Bench - PAXTON BROCKERS (Lexington Pioneers)
Bench - ROBERT MUNTEANU (Weston Tunnel Diggers)
Bench - LUCIAN DARCY (Georiga Peachtrees)
Bench - PJ ZARR (Halifax Schooners)
Bench - TORI WETMORE (Connecticut Dots)


Starting C - MAXIMILIAN PIERS (Wyoming Rangers)
Starting PF - SASCHA SELANNE (Idaho Mounties)
Starting SF - EMIL O'ROURKE (Wyoming Rangers)
Starting SG - JAYDEN MORENO (Omaha Shuckers)
Starting PG - DAPHNE MILOS (Rocky Mountain Royals)
Bench - OZZIE TEMPLETON (Omaha Shuckers)
Bench - EMMITT KUBARI (Wyoming Rangers)
Bench - KEITH CORTADO (Sedona Vortex)
Bench - SHANICE ALVARES (Rocky Mountain Royals)
Bench - ANDREW WEST (Rocky Mountain Royals)
Bench - AZA JOHNSON (Rocky Mountain Royals)
Bench - ANGELICA HUTTON (Sedona Vortex)

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