Questions about Contracts, Etc.

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Questions about Contracts, Etc.

Postby Khed » June 4th, 2014, 7:32 am

Alright. I'm new to everything basketball, save what a basketball looks like (and what I've learned from the FBA thus far).

Can anyone explain what team contract budget is? how it's determined? what cap/paid/cut/available is?

What is free agency?

Are there other questions about these things I should be asking in order to get a general overview?

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Re: Questions about Contracts, Etc.

Postby JTigerclaw » June 4th, 2014, 8:11 am

I'll try this.

In the FBA and the NBA, the contracts pretty much work the same (although the FBA contracts are designed to be simpler with less exceptions and rules than in the NBA).

The team contract budget (or salary cap) in the NBA is determined by the league based on league earnings, current outlook, and lots of other economic variables I'm not privy to. In the FBA, we just pick something reasonable and easy to remember. (80mil last year).

I'll use the Taproots budget to explain, since I'm on their page already.

2013-2014 Budget for Cap Paid Cut Available
Plymouth Taproots 78.5 74.5 0.0 +4.0

CAP is how much money the team has to work on. It starts at 80m, but teams can trade salary cap as part of a deal (receiving more cap is good, because that means the team has more money to work with). In this example, the Taproots have traded 1.5m in CAP to another team at some point, putting them at 78.5m. The caps reset each season, so for 2014-2015 it will be back to 80m unless they traded cap space specifically for that season.

PAID is how much money they are currently paying to players. You CANNOT go over your allotted CAP space, or else you may be punished by being ineligible for the playoffs.

CUT consists of contracts of players who have been cut (released from the team) to make more room on the team to sign someone else (or for other story purposes). For example, the Montana Howlers have CUT of 37m because they are still paying Wendy Brown's fat-ass contract, even though they dropped her from the team. Contracts are bonded agreements that the team still has to pay even if the player is dropped. In the case of Wendy, they paid all the remaining years of her contract at once. Next season though, the cap resets for them.

AVAILABLE is simply how much under the CAP the team is. 78.5-74.5 = 4.0

Free agency is really fun! It's when all those players whose contracts have expired (2014 was the last guaranteed year on their contract) are available to sign a new contract! They are able to sign contracts with any team who offers them one. It could be the team they just played for, or it could be a whole new team entirely. The teams try to offer reasonable contracts for that player based on their needs and budget, and the player will pick the best contract for them. An example is say Player A just finished his contract. Team A offers a contract of 3 years, 15 mil. Team B offers 5 years, 20 mil. The player can choose the team with the contract they want, be it a longer term deal or a deal for more money (or any other combination available to the player). There are also trades that occur around this time, as teams try to shake up their roster and get those players they feel will make a positive impact on their team. This could include a sign and trade (signing a player with an arranged agreement for that player to be traded right after), trading draft picks for this year and future years, trading salary cap cash, and other things.

Any other questions you come up with, I will be happy to answer as best I can. :)
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