Baller's Lexicon

Not sure what a pick and roll is? Don't know what skill sets work bets for a point guard? Confused on why mustard is such a big deal? This is for you.
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Baller's Lexicon

Postby MrInitialMan » June 11th, 2014, 10:05 pm

I think what we need is kind of a dictionary of basketball terms. I'm still not sure what a pick and roll is.

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Re: Baller's Lexicon

Postby MigeYeFoxe » June 12th, 2014, 9:29 am

Well i know I had ended up defining a few of them over the course of Draft Candidate Resource. But I can easily do a copypasta from a few of the ones I can find in a cursory glance.

Picks/Screens: Now one thing that is done in basketball is to set up a Pick or Screen. This is accomplished by one person moving to a location near the person with the ball and then just planting their feet and not moving. The idea behind this is that if the person with the ball were to run behind this person, their defender would either run into the person setting the screen or would have to back up to get around them.

Pick & Roll: A common occurrence when doing a screen is that to make sure the ball handler does not simply get an easy lane, the two defenders will swap targets, meaning the person who was defending the ball handler is now defending the person setting the screen. This will quite possibly create a height mismatch between player and defender in favor of the person setting the pick. The Pick and Roll play, then, is that after setting the screen and causing this defender swap, the person who had set the screen will suddenly take off, either to an open spot or closer to the net. The ball handler can then pass it to them and let them take advantage of the height mismatch.

Alley-oop: An Alley-oop is a special kind of play that you've probably heard mentioned a few times on the CSL's or basketball. Basically it takes two players, the person with the ball, and the person who will be getting the ball. Now one of the difficulties in passing the ball to someone in the paint is just having to get around all those pesky defenders. An Alley-oop is a sort of work around. Instead of passing it to the player the ball handler will instead effectively pass it to the hoop. The other person will then leap up, catch the ball mid-air and then dunk the ball on their way down.

Break Starter: A break start is a term in basketball where after taking possession of the ball a team will make a dash to the hoop before the other team can set up a proper defense. This is something that comes into play either after taking in a defensive rebound or a steal.

Charging: Now when defending against someone you really only have two options. If your feet are moving you have to stay with them, you cannot stop their forward progress. If however your feet are planted and you have established yourself then you have the right to that location. This concept of charging deals with the interaction of what happens when the ball handler is pushing forward in an attempt to get around or past the defender to make a shot. If the defender has not established themselves when this contact occurs this is called a blocking foul or a shooting foul if the ball handler is in the process of making a shot when this happens. This results in the defender being penalized with a foul and possibly giving the other team some free throws. Now if the defender has established themselves and are not moving when this contact happens, particularly when the ball handler knocks over the defender, this is called a charging foul and results in a loss of possession by the team that had had the ball.
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Re: Baller's Lexicon

Postby Arterian » June 12th, 2014, 9:56 pm

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Re: Baller's Lexicon

Postby Stefan Calico » June 12th, 2014, 10:07 pm

Too much mustard == too much strength or power behind the shot attempt, causing a miss
In the woods == out beyond the three-point arc. The opposite of this would be "in the kennel", which would be near/inside the painted area of the court by the basket
Break ankles == to cause whomever is defending you to fall down
Sacrifice (one's) body == to collapse onto the court or into the crowd after a shot attempt or saving the ball from going out of bounds
The Rock == The Ball

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Re: Baller's Lexicon

Postby Pac » June 12th, 2014, 10:17 pm

someone please correct me if i get any of these wrong, but i want to see if i've been paying attention enough over the years...

Too much mustard: To put too much force in your shot, causing it to miss. Overshooting.

From the woods: Outside the arc. Additionally...

In the kennel: in the key, the painted area near to the basket.

Breaking ankles: To move around a defender so dramatically you throw them off balance.

Sacrifice (one's) body: A hard move to the basket that results in the player crashing after the effort (like if someone leaps for a tough shot and then crashes into the court after, instead of landing on their feet). A rough landing, essentially.

The Rock: The ball (c'mon...)

EDIT: WOOPS! steebs beat me to it

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Re: Baller's Lexicon

Postby Tazel » June 13th, 2014, 5:11 pm

Arterian wrote:What about more informal slang terms like:

Too much mustard
In the woods
Break ankles
Sacrifice (one's) body
The Rock

Which I just realized, sounds like a really weird poem...

Too Much Mustard = A prank Jimmy did on T.Matt's Doritos once
In the Woods = Where Shane will run off to, butt nekkid, after his last game.
Break Ankles = The preferred 'feedback sessions' of Hildegard Tetreault
Sacrifice (one's) body = What happens when someone steps in between Valencia Zeraus and Buck Hopper
The Rock = An ex-wrestler turned actor.

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