Can I do a thing?? (FBA Weekly Digest)

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Can I do a thing?? (FBA Weekly Digest)

Postby itsamadworld919 » December 31st, 2014, 7:15 pm

So... question for all y'all:

I was IRL sitting on a plane thinking about character creation for the league (I've only got one character... kinda getting bored), and I thought up a qwerky frog guy as a Reporter for a journal or magazine. I imagine him as a typical journalistic dude who is heavy into interviews and edits/publishes a magazine.

Looking on the volunteer list, The "FBA Weekly Digest" is an idea suggested, and the 'owner' was TP - but since he is inactive for this season (at the very least), I wanted to know if A) people would like to see something like this happen AND B) if people are okay with the content they create being put in a weekly digest. If so, I'd like to work on making this. I know that Arte and KW are also interested in helping, according to the volunteer doc.

Mainly it would be a recap of content developments around the league from that week, scores, and alternatively some content-driven aspects of the newsletter that I would like to initiate, such as a 'Rookie of the Week' interview or a poll/questionnaire. Recaps would link directly to the content's original location, or the content will be fully posted into the digest. Think of it like a newspaper for the FBA.

The UFFL does "The SCOOP"; it's not always every week, but carries importance in the league because it helps give the best idea of what is actually going on. We sometimes get stuck in the individual stories and twitter feeds, but this doc helps summarize some of that content and stays in-canon. Members occasionally contribute content for the newsletter, but is largely driven by myself because of the small size of the league.

EXAMPLES: ... me2Mc/edit ... vMihI/edit ... NAagk/edit

I'd like to help create something like this for the FBA as well, now that the UFFL is in playoff mode and I can handle doing more FBA things. It would be something between what FMZ is and these example newsletters, and it would be an additional way for members who don't want to dig around the FBA Wiki or "Recent Changes" looking for the newest content (which is what I currently do). Rather, when you want to know what's going on, but are short on time or don't have a "target" story to aim for, you have the option to see what's going on with this one "weekly digest". I also don't know if this could run this on a weekly basis since it may be a lot of work; maybe bi-weekly. But with some help, perhaps it could be done weekly.

I would hope that most members of the FBA community would be okay with the borrowing of content from wherever its posted and/or would want to contribute content to the digest directly. But, if not, I would definitely abide by any creator's wishes.

Let me know your thoughts, please!

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Re: Can I do a thing?? (FBA Weekly Digest)

Postby Theodore Rockwell » December 31st, 2014, 7:23 pm

I kinda like this idea for everybody to get small news bites for all to see. I mean, the FBA has been "flavorless" without some weekly digest. I like how the UFFL have some sort of newsletter of everything that goes on in the league. I would love for this to happen in the FBA as well. :)

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