My Bio for my character

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My Bio for my character

Postby BasketOttley » June 26th, 2014, 6:52 am

Name: Ryan Ottley
Nickname: ?
DOB: May 13th, 1995
From: Cumbria, Kendal, Great Britain
Sex: Male
Species: Eurasian River Otter
Height: 6’1ft
Weight: 170 pounds

School: Greations University Of Scotland
Position: Point Guard

Ryan Ottley is an 19-year-old kid from Great Britain who’s born near the lakes of Windermere. Ryan was originally meant to play for water sports such as swimming and water polo but instead decided to try sports on land.

At the age of 7 Ryan was on holiday with his parents John Ottley and Patricia Ottley in the USA for a few weeks in a tour. John managed to win a ticket to see an FBA game where Lorain Firestorm won in 2001-2002. The players Ryan saw himself brought inspiration to see so many different furries playing Basketball. After the game finished, Ryan’s dad gave him a signed basketball to give to him as a memorabilia.

After school every day and through the year; Ryan began to play basketball in his back garden for a few hours trying to learn techniques but he lacked some ability since he was a river otter. It suddenly gave him the ambition to become an actual player in a hope to become an FBA player.

Through his educational career he was coached and trained hard by his PE teacher to give him that drive to become a physical and athletic player. He got picked to play for the school team after some promising ability that he shown throughout the years at high school.

He managed to lead the school team to success and got a certificate, which got him a highly miraculous grade. His attitude and body language gave Ryan huge motivation and felt he would be one step closer to being a great basketball player, throughout the years of his educational career he used to get bullied and picked on due to the lack of ambition that an otter would have and abusing the species he is. It gave him a knock on effect to help improve himself on becoming mature and proving the doubters wrong that he can do something right.

At the age of 18 Ryan decided to leave his hometown Kendal and move to Scotland where he took Greations University Of Scotland in order to reach the last stepping stone, which was to get a degree in his C.V on Personal Education,

After just one year at university Ryan managed to achieve his goal as he got his degree all thanks to the training he had in the previous years.

Just turned 19 and after moving out from Scotland, Ryan came back to Kendal for a few days stay to say to his parents that he was going to move out here and head to the USA. It was an emotional time for him and tough since he always dreamt to be an NBA player.

In the very next day, Ryan’s parents dropped him off at Manchester Airport and helped him with his luggage to give him his last goodbye. John then walked up to him and gave a pat on his shoulder.

“You go and show them what your made of, even though you’re a river otter, you play with your full ability and never give up, son”. This was the last quote his father told him leading to teary eyes.

After arriving in the USA, it was time for Ryan to make a name for himself. All of the learning, all of the training, all of the skills he was taught, it was all coming down to this. Ryan’s next stop was to be in the Draft Combine.

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