If I may be frank...

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If I may be frank...

Postby Arterian » February 15th, 2015, 9:01 pm

Not really sure if this is the right place to post this, but, what the heck.

This started off as a bunch of rants, about a bunch of things, random thoughts and scribblings, so forgive the chaotic mess that is my writing and composition.

Those of you I have tormented with rant after rant about this time and time again: My thanks. You have the patience of saints.


No offense to anyone who is an HC or GM but sometimes I feel I want to say:

Who the hell are you?

Who are you to have such control over creations I've invested time, money and passion into? You are a stranger to me.

You’re someone who simply raised their hand, deciding you wanted a position of power and got handed it.

And just like that… All of a sudden. I am so... incredibly bound by you. For no other reason than you raising your hand... I can’t even choose how my player plays on the court! how he ACTS, how aggressive he is, how much "effort" he puts into it... again... who the HELL are you? Nothing I do makes a single difference, you have completely taken over my character as your sock puppet. I can WRITE that he’s training his heart out, but… that doesn't mean anything.

I feel... trapped.

I hate to say this, but I really don't think i'll be submitting another character to the FBA again. At least not a player. I don't even want to get that much art really... I’m sort of... bitter towards this. I don't want to come up with stories or pay for art about a character that I feel I am allowed to do so little with. And that's a shame, because I love these characters.

It seems like there’s an awful lax set of rules for a pair of people (HC/GM) who ultimately end up having so much control and deciding power over what happens to other contributors.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljds7f6ko0n22 ... 5.png?dl=0

For pitty's sake guys, the player characters don't even have any assigned tasks to them. What are they there for? We could have everyone leave right now and the FBA could still finish the season happily on numbers alone. Heck! it would probably run smoother since there wouldn't be any "troublesome" boost or nerf requests, which seems to be the very most player contributors can do.

To stop beating around the bush here: I feel utterly uninvolved with the FBA.
forgive my arrogance, but I am not content with just draping stories over an engine.

Nor do i wish to have to become a basketball strategist and number cruncher AND a HC or GM to have more involvement. And I would be very uncomfortable with having such control over anyone's players. As anyone rightly should, I might add. After all, Who are we to hold their creations, their efforts in such a grip? If such a grip MUST exist, should it not be a big deal to whom it is given and how it is exerted?

I am tired of not being able to do anything on court because its all so damn automated or utterly out of my control. And before you throw around the whole:

“But its the only way to make it fair!”

I am not arguing that. I am, I guess, just saying how I feel. Not even trying to come up with any logical argument here.

But I mean, heaven forbid I wish to have a say in something I've invested countless hours, days, months into! Not to mention money and my own clumsy creative efforts. Messily made, but held close.

Who the heck is the GM and HC to have such powers instead? It just... don't set right with me... I see people talking in the FBA chat about how they want to be HC's or GM's next seasons and I simply want to ask: Do you realize all that you can do? The powers you wield, that I cannot?

I am not purporting to have any actual solutions. Yeah I know, this is all just me basically bitching and whining. And if that’s all you see here, then fine.

I love this community and what it can do, but it seems that ever since I joined, the FBA has begun moving farther and farther away from the reason I joined it in the first place. Or maybe it never was how I saw it, and it was all rose tinted glasses. Who knows? Maybe, the way the FBA works, there really is no way to solve it.

But I am so tired… I am tired of making what I feel sometimes is such a huge effort to enjoy myself. This isnt a job, im not getting paid, I’m a college student. This was supposed to be a hobby, buts its sometimes one of the most stressful and frustrating things in my life.

The Furry Basketball Association, isn’t some super fancy special elite club. It's a modest sized internet community made up of people, some young, some old, that think anthropomorphic animals are awesome.

And I am not saying that to belittle it.

It’s easily the most awesome thing since self-peeling bananas.

I've met some amazing people here. Seen amazing art and read amazing stories, and heck many times not even that: Just having a good time, doing absolutely nothing FBA related at all and just talking in chat with a bunch of great people. All these things are amazing. I don't want to lose that.

But this aint fun anymore. And maybe that’s my fault. Maybe I’m being silly, putting so much into this. About letting myself caring so much about what to others might seem like the most trivial things. But thats the problem with feelings: You can't really choose how they work, they just are.

So for what it’s worth, thanks for reading this far into my rant. Don’t know why I posted this really, just that I needed to. Heck, might get some good answers or much needed paps on the head, if nothing else I’ll get perspective.

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Re: If I may be frank...

Postby Wendingo » February 17th, 2015, 11:54 am

If I may be frank, Who the hell are you?

Why SHOULD someone like YOU have power, if when it's OFFERED to you, you refuse to act on it. We'd had this charter up for MONTHS looking for comments, and you couldn't be bothered to do it until after it's officially submitted. Do you realize how insulting that is?

Who are the GMs and HCs? People who decided to step up and take more responsibility. And frankly, in character, your player is going to have a boss. That can't be changed, and bosses can hire/fire/demote/promote you, that can't be changed, it would be stupid.

Who's denying you how your player plays or acts? Whose slapping you in your face and killing your creativity? Have you even tried to talk to your GM/HC? to get on the same page with them? Its a collaborative environment, and if you want more playing time or a stat boosted or an aggression setting. Collaborate.

The charter has been passed around more times than a smoke in Colorado. I've been repeatedly posting it in FBA chat, the FBA front page and even the FBA meeting minutes. I've been begging for feedback.

Why? Because this is a community project, and I wanted a community charter where everyone offered feedback.

A ton of people got back to me. Over a dozen. Everything from little tweaks to large scale adjustments. It took my intention of making a 3-4 page document into the rulebook like monster it is now.

But if you had a problem, or saw an area where we missed-where the hell were you?

There is one area I keenly agree with you on: "This isnt a job, im not getting paid....This was supposed to be a hobby, buts its sometimes one of the most stressful and frustrating things in my life."

I've already dedicated hundreds of hours trying to help foster a community.

The stats revision? Mostly me and TP
The Charter? Again, mostly me and TP
The upcoming game engine FAQ - Me + Stevie.

People ask for this stuff. so I end up doing it. For better or worse.

And if you want something to do, the TODO page has tons of stuff.

Look at Itsamadworld who made those awesome newsletters. It was on the TODO list and no one told him to do it. He just helped out and did it.

Ditto with Migs and his metric pages.

If nothing fancy’s your interests on that page why not take ownership of a bigger project?

The FBA needs a ton of help with the Summer League, the Edmonton combine challenge, and dozens of other special events. I’m absolutely stunned to believe there is nothing you can do.

You talk about amazing art and stories. Have you ever once gave credit to how much time and effort it takes building the structure of this world?

How much time Shane spent clearing out the forums you're posting on?

How much time Stevie spent making the new engine?

The time and money Jaded spent on a weekly comic for over a year?

The documentation work Paul and JT have done on historic pieces?

How much life Buck has spent doing too many things to list here?- Including creating the world/sandbox that you've been invited to play in. (seriously, bunny is a machine)

Have you acknowledged it at all?

Would your story and art have the same meaning if the structure and background wasn’t there?

Are these efforts any less enabling to the FBA than a story or art piece?

To get to your key point- There's a reason why that charter expressly excludes guidelines on story writing.

Its simple, it is because there are next-to-no rules for that.

You can do pretty much whatever the hell you want there. What rules we have are there so you can play nice in a collaborative sandbox. Otherwise its a wild free-for-all game of tag with 5 year olds.

Be proactive. Dozens of others this year have done it. They’ve made their own stories and.. to quote Tazel, they’ve freed themselves from being ‘Slaves to the Engine’

In fact it is the very first line in the charter - Story Trumps Everything.

Has it gone too far? Maybe. But what are you doing to take it back?

Who the hell are you...
Player for Dylan Redfield, Jake Turner, GM of the Albany Alphas.

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Re: If I may be frank...

Postby Jadedfox » February 17th, 2015, 12:07 pm

Quick and dirty reply here, I agree with everything Wen just wrote but want to add...
Nobody can force a character to do things their creator doesn't want them to do, but a coach can bench you if you like it or not, a GM can can fire or trade you like it or not. That's just how in character bosses work. But how you react? That's all you. This is a SHARED world, it should be collaboration. If it wasn't for the structure this would collapse in on itself. How shitty was that Shane Rufus/Wendy Brown fight on twitter? Didn't like it? Well that would be the FBA without the structure it has now. Frankly, nobody wants to lose. And if every single player is Michael Jordan's better brother, we get into the old cowboys and indians dilemma. "I shot you!" "Nuh-uh you missed!" "Ya-Huh!" Etc... It's not that people shouldn't be able to write, but the framework is REQUIRED or else nobody would back down, and we'd have ten plus teams claiming to be the champion in a year.

For a while it was Buck just controlling it, after all it was HIS world. But he opened it up to share it, and people complained, so he's handed it off to simulation so people can't complain at him. But for a simulation to work, you need people to run it. And that would still be people complaining at the one person running it. So the extra roles were established, so now it's not just 1 person (currently Stevie) in charge, it's 49 (or so, giving for duplicates) Who are we? We're the people that are making sure you have a damn world to play in, because this project would have collapsed long ago without us. And frankly? If you don't like it? There's the door. Get the fuck out.
Jadedfox GM of the Seattle Summit, HC of the Plymouth Taproots, & FBA Committee Member.
Player of: Nina Lime | Vicki Turner | James Frestrikial | Lemond Conkale | Michelle Sundos | Steve Bradford

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Re: If I may be frank...

Postby Paul Shep » February 17th, 2015, 12:54 pm


Everything else has been said already.

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Re: If I may be frank...

Postby Kinto » February 17th, 2015, 1:27 pm

If I may ask, Arte, what sort of control are you looking to have that you feel like you don't? I feel like you haven't made that clear.

Do you want to be able to tailor your character for every game, 80 games a season? Do you want to be able to say they scored 8 points in this game, 10 points in the next, and then played really well and got 22 the next? There are 360 active players in the FBA; not every contributor has the time, dedication, or desire to do that - many would balk at the heavy dose of responsibility. It's impractical. Hence why we have coaches. If you want more control, maybe you should consider being a coach. Raise your hand, someone will give you a position.

Or, by all means, collaborate with your character's coach. If they ignore you or mistreat you, bring it up with the committee. Heck, ask for a trade. You have the power to do that.

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Re: If I may be frank...

Postby Gustavo » February 17th, 2015, 3:10 pm

Y'all hardworkin peoples and I appreciate the work & things that people do to add to the FBA community. And it doesn't hardly gets said enough but Thank you All for the work, blood, sweat & tears you put in so we do have something to contribute to.

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Theodore Rockwell
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Re: If I may be frank...

Postby Theodore Rockwell » February 17th, 2015, 4:18 pm

If you think you're going to have a hard time collaborating with other people, then you should probably look somewhere else. I mean, this is basically a world that Buck has created and he was grateful enough for us to be a part of it. If you can't really abide by the rules, then by all means, just do whatever the hell you want IN YOUR OWN WORLD but don't just come ranting to the people who put a lot of effort into making stories, art, etc.

This whole universe is a win/lose situation where some people are gonna win and some are gonna lose. You can't really have wins without the losses. Without the losses, how can your character grow and be liked? A lot of people have put a lot of hours into the universe but if you can't really appreciate what the folks are doing, then I'm just at a loss for words.

My sincere thanks goes out to the contributors and their hard work that they put in, and yes, that includes you. I wish something more would come out of your stories with T-balt. But I understand that each person has their own limit. Anyway, my two cents here. I'm not sure if you'll take it to heart. That part I'll leave up to you.

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Re: If I may be frank...

Postby CensorBunneh » February 20th, 2015, 10:04 am


This sounds DarkWolf-ish :3c

Enjoy n.n/

*waddles away*

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