State of the Tigulf

Characters need to take a break from acting every so often. Here's where you'll find them hanging out. Just watch out for the fanfics.
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State of the Tigulf

Postby Articus » March 13th, 2016, 1:51 pm

Hello everyone, this is a bit more than overdue given the really absent nature with which I've held my relationship with the FBA. I wish I could say that I've been furiously working on stories and the like, but to be honest I've been doing much of the opposite. I've not been in the best space, creatively speaking and it has resulted in a hard time trying to do anything FBA related.

To elaborate on my current situation. I've living with my sister due to a lack of any other prospects. While this may seem fine, the situation borders on abusive at times and it can take a lot to just be able to do school things. Thus is why both art and stories have been more or less nonexistent, both in and outside of the FBA. I do hope to change this soon, since I will only be living with her till the end of the semester, but that remains to be seen.

Now, onto the actually FBA related business. Given my limited availability for stories and such, I am considering getting an actor for my players. Not necessarily adopting them out, but having someone help keep them more active in certain places. This is still under consideration, and if I choose to do so I will post about it at a later time. Along the same lines, if anyone would want to collaborate on stories involving my characters, I am open to that, even if it's just to have them as background characters. I'll also being trying to do more art of my characters in lieu of more fully developed narratives.

Thank you for you consideration and such on this manner and I hope to be more a part of the community in the coming future.

Best wishes,

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