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Kingsley's FBA Story Commissions

Postby KevinMalka » July 31st, 2014, 1:01 am

Hey, everyone, Kingsley here.

With my summer course wrapped up, I now have a lot more free time with which to do things. So, I figured I'd come and post this little post here.

I know most of us enjoy reading a good story now and then, but sometimes it can be a bit hard to get your character into one. It's something that saddens me. As a writer, I like to think that every character deserves a story, and every character has a story just waiting to be told. However, sometimes we lack the skill to tell the story we want to share with the world, and sometimes we just do not enjoy writing, but why should that be held against our characters?

I'm here to offer my services, in case anybody has a story that they want to tell, but needs someone to tell it. Now, I know I'm not the best writer, but I try my hardest, and I think the stories I can produce are satisfactory to most.

If you would like a story, just let me know! You'll have to tell me who you want the story about, and you'll have to pitch to me your idea, but if I think I can run with it, I'm more than willing to give it a shot. Just be prepared for questions, because I like to make sure I know a character as best I can before writing as them.


I work on a honour system, and with flexible pricing. What this means is that I will write the story first, payment is not due until after completion. You will have the chance to obtain your story and read it, and you decide upon the price. If you think it's worth $5, then that's what you pay. No matter the price, I will accept it, including if you just don't have the money, or you thing the story is worth nothing. This is literally a "pay what you think it is worth/what you want to spend" pricing.

I'm here to help get the stories people want to see into the FBA. That's all.

Thank you for your time. If you are interested, or just want more information or to ask questions, feel free to comment here, or send me a PM here. Alternatively, you can contact me at, or via note on my FA Profile.

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