2016 Pre-Season: Day 1 (10/15)

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2016 Pre-Season: Day 1 (10/15)

Postby Stefan Calico » October 19th, 2016, 11:42 pm

* (by Stryker)

Curtis Matheson here, covering the first game in the preseason for the Baltimore Spirits and Queens Pride! One of the biggest matches up here in the Northeast, and what a stunning first quarter for the Pride! Xavier Knutten steals the ball from Sarah Michelle Dunbar, passing the rock to Micah Davenport, the small forward for the Pride. Theodore Rockwell and Davenport play shoves against each other while Davenport attempts to grab the ball. With the rock in hand, without any sort of work-around, pulls a fadeaway shot from Theodore Rockwell whose reach was longer than Davenport’s shot. He certainly improved a lot since last season. Hope the border collie can keep up his momentum and perhaps show the press that he’s all game. Score at the end of the quarter> BAL 17, QNS 28
Second quarter is underway and we have Victor Vos, pulling off a three-point shot away from Zoie Wilds. It looks like the former Finals MVP still has his shot. Adam Tevela, the major star for the team, from scoring 11 points in the quarter with an assist coming from Wilds. Quintessa Hartnett jumped on the ball away from Vic Hockner. She throws the ball to Brax Trenor, scoring for the Spirits. Sarah Michelle Dunbar landed an impressive shot, with Tejay Aamoth getting the assist. Can the Spirits come back in the second half or will they be doomed to their fate just as they did last season? Score at the end of the half> BAL 37, QNS 58
We go into the second half. Kortni Whitelatch subbed in for Rockwell, scoring for the team. Victor Vos is back on the court while Joey Cox sits out. The fox makes a shot from within the arc, earning two points for the team. However, that got answered back with Tevela scoring himself a dunk over their basket, putting himself at 16 points in the game so far. It’s an impressive comeback that the Spirits have made since the first half. Now, the Spirits just have to focus on closing the score gap if they wanna survive against the Pride. The score is now> BAL 68, QNS 83
The last quarter everybody was on their feet towards the last minutes of the game. Again, there was some contested movement between Rockwell and Davenport with their aggression coming into play here. The hybrid ended up blocking the shot from the Pride’s Small forward. Knutten is injured due to an ankle strain and Williams subbing in for the injured squirrel. The Spirits certainly have improved a lot with this game with Theodore Rockwell helping the team. However, the win goes to the Pride and Tevela taking home the PotG award for the team with Micah Davenport scoring closely behind the linsang. Final score is> BAL 97, QNS 110

BAL 17 20 31 29 97
QNS 28 30 25 27 110
PotG: Adam Tevela - 18 pts, 7 rebs, 3 ast, 1 stl.
Baltimore's Best Baller: Theodore Rockwell - 15 pts, 6 rebs, 2 ast, 1 blk.
INJURY: Xavier Knutten - D2D (ankle strain)

* (by Harlow)

Hello fellas, Zane Donovan here, your rag jag on the box tonight! Here with a new season making its way in! Curiously, and probably for the delight of fans out there, one of the first games to inaugurate this preseason is between our finalists form last year! Albany travels to the West Coast to face off against their final rivals to start this season in good paw. While the Summit has taken a more laid-back approach to test their new acquisitions, they have really shown they are still a force to be reckoned with, with new gets Walters and Day holding the ground. On the other part, choosing to partake on the first duel of the year, Umaechi and Kivar are still proving to be the main force of the championship team. The visitors have a slight advantage, but this is shaping to be close. Q1> ALB 27, SEA 25
First half's closing in and the struggle between these two is still going strong! The home team does not want to make this easy and kneel despite being on a water test phase. It's a battle of the pooches with Umaechi and Day walking away with the most baskets, 10 apiece. Rookie Natalie Bellemare so far is the star rebounder with 5, followed with Tomilin's 4, while Hailey and Walters kept feeding their teammates, with 3 assists each. Despite the contrasting strategies, the fire in both is still as strong as ever. Albany still holding on with that small lead, but nothing's done until the fat lady sings. Q2> ALB 53, SEA 50
It's starting to get hot and risky here, people! Albany picked up the pace to really cement their lead, but all to a price, as a misstep from the Coffeehusky has him getting out of the court limping. Doesn't seem to be an omen for the season, but we'll have to wait on that for confirmation. But the Alphas are not missing a beat with Kivar stepping up nicely, and the new blood in LeBeau and Pratt offering much needed support. Due to the early exit, the fellow spottycat has taken the leaderboard lead with 15 points, while new guy Day is not doing too shabby in his new home, with 14 baskets to him. Will this kickstart mean a breaking halt to the current champs? Q3> ALB 81, SEA 74
And what do you know? Seattle has shown some bite to them! Taking advantage of Rodger's outing, the home team sprung to action, revitalized and ready to get their locals crazy for them! Despite the best efforts from Tomilin and Kivar to keep them down as much as they can, The Summit has had enough and went all in. ALL. IN. We've seen Doug Day as we never had, dominating the court, keeping it up for the new colors. Every second counted, and while Seattle took an early lead, the rookie Akiak Pratt had the decisive shot at 0.8 seconds to avoid a Summit victory and... we got a tie! That's right, ladies and gentlefurs, we're going out to our first Overtime! Q4> ALB 102, SEA 102
#IWasPaidExtraSoImGivingYouExtra The clock turned up again, and these tired fellas got a taste of what's to expect in the upcoming season. It was clear that the Summit juiced up every second the (star) husky was not on the court, with Walters and Day taking helm of the show. Redmane and Hailey stepped up trying to pick up the scores, but right there were Day and Bellemare complicating the dicey situation. The new blood went in ready to give crowd pleasers as they could, effectively shutting their rivals and giving this one to the Summit! Margaret Walters picked up the POTG honors, showing the new acquisitions know how to take advantage of a rival's missteps (literal one in this case) Alphas remained strong, but couldn't last in the extra time. This has been Zane D, wishing ya a good season! Final> ALB 110, SEA 114 OT

ALB 27 26 28 21 8 110
SEA 25 25 24 28 12 114 OT
PotG: Margaret Walters - 19 pts, 4 rebs, 8 ast, 2 stl.
Alpha Alpha: Viran Kivar - 25 pts, 7 rebs, 3 ast, 1 stl.
INJURY: Rodger Umaechi - D2D (jammed toes)

* (by HerrWozzeck)

Oh hey, look what the cat dragged in! Literally, this time! I can't necessarily carry things in, you know what I mean? It's... well, I'm your host, Will Steinberg, and this is going to be interesting; today we are watching Texas duke it out with Edmonton in the first day of preseason games. And... well, so far, they're both taking time to let the bench do something pretty cool. And so far, it seems to be a contest between two people at disproportionate positions. Ricardo Ortega has come out strong at the start of this game, scoring six points and bringing the game to a good start. But it is surprisingly Crosby Sutters who is rallying his team around him, also matching Ricardo's point total to bring Edmonton just ahead of them with two parts. New acquisition Takeru Ishijima seems to be struggling against the old blood as he gets used to the FBA's playstyle, while elsewhere Iver Drake's speed seems to have taken a hit thanks to his fiancé’s departure from Edmonton. And so far, it seems to be a close game. We'll see what happens from here, but for now, Edmonton's holding on to the tiniest of onion... I mean, smallest of leads. Q1> TXS 22, EDM 24
So, um, you remember how I mentioned Takeru Ishijima struggled? Yeah, I spoke too soon on that front, because now he has helped Ricardo Ortega rally Texas around them. He now ties with Ricardo in leading in terms of points, both of them having eight points each. The rest of the team seems to have caught up with the program, too, as old blood San Ling has just edged out new acquisition Chester Longtail in rebounds, with four rebounds versus Longtail's three. It is just enough to narrow Edmonton's lead down to one point, as Crosby Sutters still seems to be leading the team just fine. However, whatever rallying he has done may take a hit: new center Rosalind Baumhauer has been sitting on the sidelines since the end of the first quarter, and it seems that her tail doesn't look so good. What will this do to the Totems' morale? We shall see, as Texas trails behind at an even narrower margin than before! Q2> TXS 43, EDM 44
Well, any fears I had about team morale being impacted were unfounded: the trainers cleared Rosalind Baumhauer to return to the game, and so far it looks like she's doing quite well for herself. And perhaps this was the boost that Edmonton needed going into the third quarter: the rest of the team came out roaring, leaving the poor Lone Stars in the proverbial dust as they bowled over them with a six-point lead that puts them in a good position heading into the final quarter. It seems that Ortega and Sutters are both the leaders of the pack here, each leading with twelve points each going into the final quarter. I don't really know if it's exactly anybody's game just yet, but if Edmonton keeps this up they could take it! Q3> TXS 66, EDM 72.
Yep, I would say this constitutes a rout, ladies and gentlefurs. Whatever happened to Texas' resistance pretty much resolved right at the end of the game, though not in the way anyone might've expected. As was seen throughout the game, Ricardo Ortega dominated in his time starting in Texas, but on Edmonton's side, Sutters quickly got overshadowed in the last quarter by new draftee Baxter Buckley, who managed to overtake Crosby's point lead with an impressive three pointer late in the game. It was enough to put Edmonton well ahead of Texas, and as Iver Drake scored a pair of points against San Ling, the game ended. If this is what we can expect of Edmonton's bench going into the season, they may well be on their way to improvement! Let's see where this goes. I've been Will Steinberg, and it's been great to be here! Final> TXS 88, EDM 99.

TXS 22 21 23 22 88
EDM 24 20 28 27 99
PotG: Baxter Buckley - 15 pts, 3 rebs, 3 asts, 1 blk.
Shining Star: Ricardo Ortega - 16 pts, 1 reb, 5 asts.
INJURY: Raul Zuleta - D2D (thigh contusion)
INJURY: Rolf Sweetser - D2D (arm strain)

* (by JWolfman)

This is Tashira Rucson live from San Jose as the Lorain Firestorm face off against the hosting San Jose Thrust! While the Firestorm will be having all of their normal Starters to begin the game on the court, the Thrust will be starting their bench which includes all three of their rookies: Jona Vastenhout, Saverio Lazzari, and Tua Wati. Also starting for the Firestorm is rookie Danica Magnano, and returning to the Firestorm after a year's hiatus is the goose Edwin Griega. The first quarter is a back-to-back affair, with the bench holding their own against Firestorm's starters. Aisha Melbourne ended the quarter with eight points which currently leads the scoring stat for both teams so far. The TV badger Vora and the lobster Lazzari each have six points. At the end of the quarter, the game is tied! LOR 26, SJT 26
The second quarter keeps the game tight between the two teams. Melbourne continues to dominate the post, the tall mink handling her own against the larger-sized Tua. Vastenhout is matching the veteran Michelle Sundos step by step in speed, and both of them lead their respective teams in assists by the end of the first half with five assists each. Goulten, the former Pride hare picked up by the Thrust from Free Agency, is scoring decently, taking in shots from almost everywhere on the court! He ends the first half with 12 points, while Melbourne currently has 13 points. The badger Vora leads with 6 rebounds. Q2 - LOR 51, SJT 50
With the third quarter underway, fatigue is finally beginning to seep in. After a bit of banter between Edwin Griega and Jonathan Lawyer, Lawyer leaped for a shot directly in front of him, swishing the ball through the net for an easy 3! Welcome back to the FBA Griega, but it's rather apparent that the hiatus had affected him. Thankfully this is just the preseason! For the first eight minutes of the quarter, the lead was rarely more than 4 points between them, but as the minutes wore on, the Firestorm began to crawl and inch their way further into the lead. Melbourne continued her streak of shots as she ends the quarter with 17, but Goulten keeps up with her for now, grabbing 16 points. Q3 - LOR 81, SJT 75
The fourth quarter is here! The avian with the long name, Agundio Salvatore Atti-Morales... did I say that right? Anyway, he woke up big-time finally when the Firestorm needed him to pull the game away, and he ended the game with 8 out of 13 scoring, helping the team scorch the home team with 17 points! Jona Vastenhout however also got a huge game for the Thrust, ending with 18 points complete with 2 3-pointers. The tall mink Melbourne lead the entire team in points with 21 along with 10 rebounds, but Goulten kept up with her in points, scoring 20. The lobster Lazzari also fared well, ending with 13 points and 8 rebounds, however it is Michelle Sundos that ended with the PotG, scoring 17 points and passed 12 assists. The Final score is LOR 113, SJT 106. This is Tashira Rucson, signing off.

LOR 26 25 30 32 113
SJT 26 24 25 31 106
PotG: Michelle Sundos - 17 pts, 3 rebs, 12 asts , 3 stls.
Top Thrust Player: Jona Vastenhout - 18 pts, 2 rebs, 13 asts.

* (by Randall_Ranger)

This is Michael Stanton with a FSPN special report. We head to London, England, where the Hawaii Kahunas take on the Bangor Tides. Both teams have something to prove with the various gains and losses, especially Hawaii losing Tanya Feckle. But the show must go on. The first quarter becomes a firestorm of back and forth drives; with Scoonie Barrett picking up seven points for the Kahunas while Raoul Kidane leading his Tides with six point. It is close at the end of the first with Hawaii narrowing out with a one point lead. Q1 - HWI 29, BGR 28
Scoonie Barrett continues to set the pace in the beginning of the second quarter for Hawaii as he works through both offense and defense. He finished the half with thirteen points and five rebounds. Teo Masalia also helped out the Kahunas with four assists. But that doesn’t mean Bangor is slacking behind. In fact, they came up with a few big drives when their bench players took the court. Logan Greene and Hector Hart came through and pulled out eight points along with Kidane. From how they looked out on the courts, the Tides seemed to be in tune. Other notable stats include Benjamin Durby with four rebounds and Shou Masaru getting four assists. This, in turn, brought the Tide with the lead come halftime. Q2 - HWI 56, BGR 58
If the first half of the game didn't set the tone for the people of London, then the second half of the game picked it up right where it left off, with the main cast being Barrett and Kidane on each side. Neither one of them had any intention of giving up. While both teams went through their share of starters and bench players, with more back and forth plays, all eyes were on the otter from Hawaii and the Ethiopian Wolf from Bangor. As the third quarter drew to an end, both Scoonie and Raoul added five points each to their already big game; Barrett with eighteen points and Kidane with twelve points. And the score still remain close. Q3 - HWI 86, BGR 87
The people of London were literally on their feet at the start of the fourth quarter with the intensity of that like being in a soccer game. With that being said, the veterans of Hawaii might have taken that to their advantage. It also might have sparked something in Frenchman Julian Cross-Kiraly as he finished off with 18 points including two three-pointers. Blanc Mange and Diego Imperio both came up with 15 points apiece for Bangor. However, the duo of Barrett and Kidane proved to be the ones the people were paying attention to. While it could have been close all the way, the Kahuna tribe kicked it into overdrive and helped Scoonie Barrett give them the push they needed to come out with the win. Yet, in the eyes of everyone, it seems that both the Kahunas and the Tides are out on a mission. Watch out for them during the regular season. Final - HWI 122, BGR 112

HWI 29 27 30 36 122
BGR 28 30 29 25 112
PotG: Scoonie Barrett - 25 pts, 11 rebs, 2 asts.
Bangor's Best Baller: Raoul Kidane - 18 pts, 8 rebs, 1 ast.

* (edited by Patrick Suarez)

Boxscores> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DTF7YkQ29Scaw48K-R7k6EsQOd6FN_8cFzLUhAqaDu0/pubhtml
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