2014 FBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals Day 4

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2014 FBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals Day 4

Postby TrianglePascal » June 17th, 2014, 11:50 am

The Spokane Rapids managed to tie up their series with the Santa Ana Spectrums tonight in a game that swung violently back and forth. After a fairly evenly matched first half, the Rapids came on hard during the third quarter, stretching their lead over the Spectrums to an enormous 21 points. The effort of this quarter must have taken its toll, though, as the Spectrums came right back in the next quarter, utterly dominating the Rapids. Ain Iannizzi (Cougar, F) took full advantage during this last quarter, leading his fellow spectrums in an overwhelming performance against the exhausted Rapids. The last few minutes of the game became a desperate scramble for the Spokane team, with Xavier Knutten (Squirrel, G/F) and Louise Ellenberger (Brown Swiss Cow, F/C) throwing their efforts fully into defence to try and maintain what little remained of their lead. The game ended on a held breath, as the Spectrums passed off the ball to Luukas Hirvonen (Cougar, G) for a final attempt at a bucket from the woods. The cougar missed his desperate shot, though, leaving Spokane with a 2 point victory.

The Eastern Conference match tonight saw slightly less drama, as the Taproots stepped out ahead of the Minutemen partway through the second quarter, and managed to stay confidently, if not strongly, ahead for the rest of the game. Despite Desmond Macon (Siberian Tiger, F)'s best efforts to anchor his team, the Taproots managed to confidently outperform the Minutemen every step of the way. The importance of Plymouth's defence in this can't be overstated. The Taproots were in strong control of their own end, often forcing Minutemen players to try for difficult shots from the woods. By the end of the game, the Taproots managed to hold their lead at a confident 10 points, granting them a 2-0 lead in the series.


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