2014 FBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals Day 5

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2014 FBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals Day 5

Postby TrianglePascal » June 19th, 2014, 10:27 am

The Spirits finally managed a win tonight in game 3 of their series agains the Moonshiners. Last year's 1st overall draft pick Mathiyazhagan Balasubramaniam (Malabar Giant Squirrel, F) lived up to his reputation tonight, leading Baltimore in a carefully controlled first three quarters. Paul Teronura (Otter, C) anchored the Moonshiners, and PT and the rest of Tennessee's starters managed to at least narrow the gap in the final quarter. However, the game tonight was ultimately decided by Baltimore's bench; Corey Allen (Dog, F), Samuel Roberts (Clydesdale, C) and Doral (Gecko, G/F) stepped up to make the difference in the closely fought game.

In the West, Edmonton carried on the pattern of trading wins with the Thrust as the Totems secured a 13 point victory. As always, Rocky Caracal (Lynx, G) was a cool commander on the court, helping his team easily dominate San Jose for the majority of the game. The ongoing aggression between Caracal and Shane Rufus (Red Wolf, G) kept up tonight, and seemed to finally be having an effect on the red wolf. Chainlink's continuing dominance during this series apparently threw Fang off, resulting in the frustrated wolf going 0 for 7 from the woods. A last quarter effort from Thrust captain Devon Kellendyne (Cacomistle, G) came far too late to make a difference, leaving the series now at 2-1 for Edmonton.


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