Betsie's Logos and Uniforms

For all those who are looking for an artist or someone to art for.
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Betsie's Logos and Uniforms

Postby BetsieT » September 16th, 2016, 5:08 pm

So, Betsie is deciding to offer up logo and uniform commissions to anybody looking for some new colours, uniforms, or logos for their FBA team, or any team to do with the FBA-verse. Prices are in USD and can be paid via Paypal. Contact me here, on Slack, or over email at if you're interested. Could also contact via Skype if you have me. Prices may go up with design complexity. I can also do the work over a stream if you'd like, just say so.

Team Logo - $15
Set of Two Logos - $20

Basic Uniform Set (Uniforms Only) - $40
Three uniforms (home, away, and alternate/throwback) done to your design specs. No logo included.

Uniform Set with Logos - $50
Three uniforms (home, away, and alternate/throwback) done to your design specs. Two logos designed to your specs.

Single Uniform Design - $20
A single uniform design using provided logos.

Single Uniform Design with Logo - $30
A single uniform design as well as a logo design.
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Re: Betsie's Logos and Uniforms

Postby JWolfman » October 14th, 2016, 7:29 am

I'll be interested in the logos! I have like... five logos that need to be made for the FBADL teams. XD
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