Hector's Log 9/12/17

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Hector's Log 9/12/17

Postby Fraddas » September 12th, 2017, 11:53 am

It's been a minuet since I logged, a long one at that.

Well we didn't make the finals but as a GM I'm proud that a former Clef and Lone Star, Phil Gale, got his ring before retirement. I called him yesterday to wish him well and hope our paths cross again.

What have I been doing since the season ended? Oh I went to Baltimore to spend time with my lovely girlfriend Lina, as per usual we spent some intimate time together, and once again tried making an offer for Marcus Knight (don't worry Marcus your safe). we also discussed Free agent plans and ideas on how to better our roster. We both got crazy plans and her's are more crazy considering TXS has an amazing roster!

During the Combine I met fellow GM Hubbie of the Whips and we both toasted to the union of two of our players, Lindsey and young Tobias. We also discussed a trade that I believe helped us both in the grand scheme of things. I felt a little bit bad letting Brad go, but with our plans in place we both got a good shot at making some noise this year.

In between all that I found time to return to Austin where I got some work done and....Well I own a 70's Dart. that is my baby and dream car. I rarely take it to the limits it can go. but Marcus Knight wanted to pit his motorbike against my car. We had a clean race and Marcus won, and I bought him dinner and gave him a 500 dollar check. we also got a chance to drive each others rides, and I'm a bit to tall to ride a bike like that. maybe something else though...I might consider buying one myself later.

Other then donating to the hurricane relief efforts and helping when I can I've just been busy trying to make moves to help us make a run at this seasons playoffs and beyond. I've got more planned this year just wait and see.

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