A New Era

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A New Era

Postby Chains » July 31st, 2014, 5:27 am

It had been only a few days as the new General Manager, and already Vincent "Vinnie" Verminus (Rat) was having to make some very hard decisions. He'd been left with a team almost at budget, a team of champions that he wanted to keep together, come hell or high water. It wouldn't be right to have people who had just won the FBA championship to find themselves out of a job, but where could he find the money?

The large black rat sat behind his desk, rubbing his temples with one hand as he swiped to his father AJ Verminus, the new owner.

"Dad, listen, these books aren't looking good for us."

"What's the matter, son?"

"We can't afford these guys, especially not what they're worth. Before you say anything, no you aren't allowed to use your business funds to help out, it's against the rules."

"Vinnie, you're a good boy, always have been, even when you were a bit of a bully to your brothers. You knew what had to be done to keep them in order though, it's why I gave you this job, to test your mettle."

"Dad, these are champions, I can't just... let them be forgotten on the wayside."

"Then don't let them be forgotten."

The call ended abruptly, Vinnie knowing his father was busy.

"Ok, it took 20 years for this team to get a Championship, this is a new era we're in..." He said, breathing in and closing his eyes. This wasn't going to be easy. He wasn't going to be making friends with the team with this move, but sometimes you have to start fresh. A championship is the perfect way to say goodbye to the ways of things past, and he was here for the next chapter, one that would go in a new direction, but still honor the hard work of all who had been on this great team.

"A new start.. a new everything."

He'd leave his mark on the FBA, that was for certain, he only hoped his legacy would be seen as a positive one.

He pulled out his phone again and texted his father a simple message.

"Starting fresh, and everyone loves an underdog."

The large black rat stood and paced, how to break the news to the team, he'd barely had a chance to meet them, and most of them were certain he'd be hiring everyone back on. It wasn't going to make him liked, Roscoe Lott had been the heart and soul of the team for so long, and his retirement had hit many of them hard, and now to have some upstart come in...

He shook his head. No. Things had to be done, the Moonshiners 2.0 would be the champions nobody would see coming.

His whole life he watched his father's influence change and better people and places. There was no reason he couldn't apply those tenets of honor and second chances of his father's urban renewal projects to this team. Give a chance to those who just needed one.

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