2019 CFIS National Championship Tournament

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2019 CFIS National Championship Tournament

Postby MartineauQC » April 13th, 2019, 3:05 pm

Well its that time once more! Who will win this year CFIS National Championship tournament!! Which Canadian College will step out as this year champion! The tournament will be held this year at the Marine University of Halifax in Halifax, NS. Here are the teams representing:

Ontario Division Champion: Thunder bay Predator College
Ontario Division Finalist: Avian University of Hamilton
At large Berth: Heritage River Riparian College (Western Conference Division Finalist)
Western Conference Champion: Victoria WolfPack Univeristy
Quebec Division Champion: Université Canadienne de la faune de Montréal
Atlantic Conference Champion: Fur University of New Brunswick
Host: Marine University of Halifax
Central Conference Champion: Winnipeg Anthropomorphic Institute

This year I will be holding on the date for a moment, as like my NCAA counterpart, I like to give a chance for people to forward to me any potentional draftees they going to have participating in this year dance, so I can highlight them! the tournament is set to happen in may, so soon I have enough potential names, Ill get things underway!


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