[Beach Bears] Voice Actor Casting Call

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[Beach Bears] Voice Actor Casting Call

Postby kresblain » September 16th, 2014, 1:53 pm

Your attention, please. Just sending this along to let you know that Max DeGroot is in need of some voice actors for an upcoming chapter of The Beach Bears. He's currently casting for these three roles:

1) Bystander: this person comes onto the scene of an auto collision, calls 911 and contacts an ICE contact.
Sample line: "I’m very sorry to alarm you sir, but one of your friends has been in accident. His car slammed into a tree."

2) Hospital receptionist: this person is the first contact for people who walk into the front door of the hospital.
Sample line: "It's possible the ambulance carrying him has not arrived yet. Until he is actually checked in, you’ll just have to wait. Have you tried the other area hospitals?"

3) EMT medic: this person contacts the people on the ICE list for those who have been admitted to the hospital.
Sample line: "He suffered severe head injuries as a result. If you wish, you can come in, but I warn you, that it's not pretty"

To audition for any or all of these parts, send an email to degroot.max@gmail.com with either an mp3 (128 or higher) or a wav of the sample line for the part you wish to audition for. You may audition for more than one. The parts are open to male or female, makes no difference. Be aware the recording quality counts. Please avoid background noise or room reverberations. Do not make the recording too loud (to avoid clipping and distortion) or too soft (which would have to be severely amplified, which would increase distortion).

Those selected will be notified by return email with the complete set of lines needed to be recorded.

Good luck.

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