Truth: Hybrids are hybrids

Plenty of players never got their chance to play on one of the main FBA teams, and here they mingle with unsigned veterans hoping to get called back to play.
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Truth: Hybrids are hybrids

Postby Theodore Rockwell » August 15th, 2014, 2:38 pm

Writer's Note: This took place after Visiting Austin to meet with the Lone Stars and Theo and Shannon came out of a movie they've seen. Theo's been jumped by a couple thugs. Just giving you the backdrop to this story. Without further ado, here it is: Hope you guys like and if there are some grammatical error or some sort, feel free to note me as you wish.

After getting back from his trip, he slept throughout his morning in his room back in Pasadena. His agent was clearly handling all matters regarding him. His ribs took a serious blow but none of his bones appeared intact, which was a sign of relief. He got up slowly but pain jolted as he tried inching himself to properly sit.

“Ugh, damn it… that hurts,” Theo said while feeling the pain in his ribs, slowing sitting in his seat.

Then, the door opened and his girlfriend checked on him. “Hon, you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine Shannon,” he replied and gave off a smile to her. He allowed his girl to pick him up and properly sit. His head weighed in heavy as he took those blows in Austin.

“We should see the doctor. Have them checked out, ya know?” Shannon suggested. “We could have Chase take you there,” She placed her hand on his forehead, stroking it gently and kissed it. “I’m worried about you, hon.”

Theo glanced at Shannon’s eyes, seeing those aqua blue eyes just show a sign of worry. She really cared for him, enough so that he would get a check up or have an evaluation done on him.

“All right, sweetie. I’ll let Trivol know that I should be taken to the hospital soon.”

Shannon smiled and helped him up out of bed. She opened the door and noticed Chase walking down the hallway. “Yes, Ms. Hickman?”

“We need you to take us along with Trivol to the clinic. Just want to make sure Theo is all right,” Shannon replied while holding Theo’s taller frame.

“Of course. Trivol is currently taking care of some business regarding the incident. He’s making some tweets about young master Theo’s condition. He’s got some decent friends who care about him.”

“Yep! Theo and I have made lots of solid friends here,” Shannon replied with a smile on her face. “I have grown attached to a lot of them and made me feel wanted. Oh we’ll bring Micah along as well.”

“Excellent, Ms. Hickman. I will carry out your wishes.” Chase then hurried down the stairs before he hurried to get Micah to go with them. The white tiger hurriedly talked to Trivol after taking care of business matters on Twitter and regarding his restaurants. The blue wolf nodded, putting down his oPad down on the counter. He gathered his wallet and fedora to accompany his attire.

“Well, shall we get going then?” Trivol asked while grabbing his cane that rested against the counter. The five of them took off towards the clinic to have Theo checked out.

* * *

After he visited the doctor’s office, he was told to stay in his room until Wednesday. Until then, he is restricted from any sports activity. That would mean that he won’t be able to do the drills with Shannon until after that time. His mind was completely flipping out due to the fact that he couldn’t play ball. As much as Draft Night getting closer and the stress that induced on his mind, he wasn’t really feeling himself.

He recalled some of the name that he was called. His childhood came back to him with all the derogatory names that he was called. “Pussywolf” was one of them. “Longtail Cheetah/Wolf” was the other. The former one was one name that really got to him. There were a lot of nicknames that he remembered. “Cholf" was one of them. “Wotah” was another.

He checked out his Twitter feed and saw that some of his mentions aimed towards him. They were nice but he certainly didn’t know how to respond to those tweets other than saying “Thanks, I’ll feel better.”

Theo saw Trivol and Cassidy having a brief conversation, which he really could use right now. The harrowet knew the young, eccentric border collie can be trusted. He called him up on his oPhone and decided to let the phone ring a couple times before Cassidy picked up his phone. “Hey Rocky. What’s up?”

“Hey man, could we talk for a few minutes if you have time to spare?

“Anything you need buddy.”

“Will keep it off the grid. How's the training in C-town going with DW?”

“You mean Chi-Town? I think that's what they call it. Haha. It's rough man. He's an animal. Works his butt off. But it's good for me too.”

“Awesome! Oh yeah, the reason I called ya was regarding what happened that night,” he paused, gathering his thoughts together. He took a breath before he continued. “I was enjoying the night out with Shannon. As we came out of the movie theater, a couple punks approached us and the tallest guy who was around your height came up to me. He made some stupid-ass remarks about my tail. I kindly told him to back off if he didn't want to get hurt. That dumbass coyote didn't want to back down and took out two of his guys, leaving the big guy for last. He was a vicious fighter but the good thing I stood my ground. Our agent arrived and settled things without using much violence. He said a few words before he walked off. He gave me a bloody nose and a few bruises on my sides. Nothing critical though.”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you man. I didn't think people were still hating on hybrids in this day and age. I mean Shannon is one too. I'm just glad they left her alone. If I heard about someone messing with your girl, I'd fly out there and punt them in the head myself.”

“Well, Shannon is a true species, not a hybrid. But in any case, thanks. I would be too,” he sighed in relief. “One of them was close to her. I kept my eye on him and didn't want to mess with me. In any case, I'll be okay for sure. Glad you accept me as a hybrid, even though I have a cat-like tail!”

“I don't care what you are man. I played with all types of species in college. The feline vs. canine thing is over blown anyway. Besides, I think you look really freaking cool. I can't deny that. And anyone who says differently is probably just jealous your awesomeness.”

“Thanks!” he drew on a smile on his face. “My dad was a red wolf and my mom was a cheetah. They both had really cool designs and I got both sides haha.”

“For sure! Red wolf. Neat! DW is a grey wolf I think. Just pitch black fur. Haha. And cheetah makes sense. I thought that or a panther maybe. Anyway, the point is, you look awesome and it doesn't matter what people say. Believe in who you are. Someone already loves you for that. It'll never matter what you are. Just be who you are. And you are a damn good baller that I'm proud to call my friend. You rock Rocky.”

“Thank you so much, Cassidy! I thank my girl for loving me for who I am. You're awesome in your own way too. Just so much good stuff about you. Hope you live up to the Whitelatch legacy, man! I'll be rooting for your sister! Oh and don't miss free BBQ at my place after the Combine Challenge. DW is free to come as well if he wants to. Kalsang will be here helping.”

“She’ll make it! I know it! And thanks man! Just trying to be the best guy I can be everyday. And I'll see if I can talk DW into that.”

“All right. Again, thanks for your words. This is Rocky, heading out! Talk soon! See ya at the combine challenge!”

“Later buddy!”

He ended the call and looked at the screen, thinking of who else he could talk to. Someone he really trusted. Someone who was always willing to lend his ear in times of trouble. Someone who wasn’t quick to judge. Then, he thought of someone who he might confide in.
Theo picked up his oPhone and dialed Kevin's number. Good thing he had international calling built into his agent's plan. The phone rang and hoped that Kevin would pick up. "Oh Kevin... please, pick up..."

Kevin grabbed the phone from his pocket, answering the call as soon as he saw Theo's name pop up on the screen. "Hey, Theo. Wasn't sure if you were actually going to call or not.”

“Hey sorry. I was talking to Cassidy regarding the matter. Figured I'd tell you about it too. Before you ask, I'm totally fine. Just a sore nose and a few bruises on the sides. Nothing major."

"Yeah, our agent let on about that over twitter. I was honestly more concerned about how you were taking the whole reason behind the fight." Kevin paused. "Dealing with speciest comments isn't the most pleasant of things."

"Yeah, but I dealt with it," Theo paused a bit, letting out a sigh. "You've been in a similar situation like I did, Kevin? seems like you have gone through such experiences."

Kevin sighed heavily into the phone. "Yeah. I can't say that I've ever had to deal with the hybrid comments, or, as Trivol suggested, the thoughts behind where one truly belongs that would stem from it, but I've dealt with species in the past. Insectivorous species aren't the most . . . well thought of."

"I suppose you're right on that one," Theo sighed. "Must be hard handling the species comments and such from the many people around you. Looks like you've gotten that behind you. You still feeling that even today? Or has it subsided?”

"It's mostly behind me, but it still happens. Though, with my size, the comments are far less common. But the looks of disgust when I ask about ants in a new store, or the whispered conversations that are stopped when I get close. They don't stick out to the average person, but when you're the one they are directed at, you feel it."

“I don't blame you there," Theo said and nodded as he spoke. "Well, good thing our agent is a chef. So he doesn't get a lot of strange looks when asking for obscure things like ants... but they'll look at him weird though. But anyway," he cleared his throat before speaking. "you have your head leveled and all, Kevin. That's a good thing. I just don't know what happened with me out there."

Kevin's voice rang clear through the phone. "Tell me, Theo, how often have you dealt with this kind of thing. About being a hybrid, that is?”

"I never really thought about it until that time. I would always get weird remarks from when I was a kid that I'd be called a 'kitty wolf'. I hated it so much but didn't want to express my anger. Then as it got older, got more of them but dismissed them but always had a clenched fist. Then, that time when I was in Austin, I finally snapped. Wanted to beat the hell out of those guys so much. So in a sense, they were like my punching bag to carry out my frustrations."

"What happened to you is that you finally snapped. You took all the times your being a hybrid was mocked, and you held onto them. They built up inside you, and you let them out at the wrong time."

Kevin paused, then sighed. "I snapped long ago. Kids can be cruel, sometimes. It started harmlessly enough, when some kids were daring each other to eat ants on the playground and nobody but me was brave enough to do it. It was senior kindergarten, I was 5. I didn't think any better.

"But then it started. Kids were grossed out that I ate bugs. Most moved on after a while, but a few took 'bug eater' and refused to call me anything else. It only got worse when we got older, and their childish taunts turned hostile and vindictive."

Kevin paused. "I punched a boy in the face. He was one of the worst of the lot. I wasn't nearly as big as I am back then, nor as strong, but I was still strong enough that it would have stung. But then my scales caught his cheek and gave him a few cuts."

"Ouch..." Theo whistled in shock. "Must've been shocking with all that pent up anger built up inside and seeing how you punched that kid with your fist."

"I was horrified, Theo." Kevin's voice shook slightly. "I don't like hurting people, it's not in my nature. Seeing him on the ground, blood dripping from his cheek, it's an image that is still burned into my head.

"The school was going to expel me. But then some kids came forward to say that the only reason I hit him was because he had been throwing speciest comments at me for years. That wasn't something the school was going to take lightly. But I still got a three week suspension, and they ordered me to take a few weeks of therapy.”

"I see," Theo said, pausing a bit before speaking on his own. "I guess I gave him an ultimatum. I told him if he didn't want to get hurt, I asked him to drop the hybrid comments and let me and Shannon be on our way. the tallest guy didn't comply and gave me no choice. Knocked out the two other dudes first before tackling the tall coyote."

"He got me in a few places but then, our agent showed up and brought his cane with him. He spoke something to him regarding how he should step back and go away before he would get hurt. He just did that but before he let him take off, he said, 'What would you do if someone made a hybrid comment?' or something along those lines. He took off without saying anything.”

Kevin sighed. "I honestly doubt that Mr. McKenley's words did anything. That kind of person never changes, no matter how much we wish they could. What he most likely did was beat a hasty retreat because he didn't want to be outnumbered."

Theo sighed as well. "This is a very cruel indeed, Kevin. All the more reason we should play our hardest to show the world we won't be put down easily!"

"Indeed, Theo, indeed."

The pangolin paused. "I'm sorry for unloading all that on you. I called to see if there was anything you wanted to let out, and instead I ended up using you to let go of things that were on my mind. I'm sorry for that."

“It’s no worries Kevin. Thank you for your words, there. Hope to see you at the Combine Challenge.”

“Okay, see you then Theo.”

The harrowet smiled after talking to these two people. His mind was at peace and all deceptions of him being a hybrid faded out. He was going to show how skillful he is to the world, despite lacking certain traits that full breeds have. His mind was set on becoming one of the best hybrids in the FBA and prove to the other players he is all game. The light at the end of the road was shone brightly and he continued pressing on his journey.

Story written by me
Shannon Hickman belongs to Buck Hopper
Cassidy Whitelatch co-written with Dark Wolf
Kevin Malka and co-writer: Kingsley Wolfe

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Re: Truth: Hybrids are hybrids

Postby MrInitialMan » August 21st, 2014, 11:09 am

"None of his bones seemed intact"? Sounds like they were all broken.

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Re: Truth: Hybrids are hybrids

Postby Theodore Rockwell » August 21st, 2014, 12:46 pm

MrInitialMan wrote:"None of his bones seemed intact"? Sounds like they were all broken.

My bad... My English can be a bit... skewed... and am to blame for the mistakes made lol.

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