Public 2016 Contract Offers

Coaches need a place to express themselves too. So do the agents for the players. And you can bet the media pops in from time to time.
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Public 2016 Contract Offers

Postby Stefan Calico » August 31st, 2016, 11:02 pm

This topic will serve as a placeholder for all offers made during the 2016 Free Agency period. Offers cannot be accepted by players until after the 2016 FBA Draft commences, currently scheduled to start at noon PDT on Sunday September 18th. Offers can be placed until 11.59pm PDT on Friday September 30th, while players will have until 11.59pm PDT on Friday October 14th to finalize their decisions. Unrestricted Free Agents without contract offers by the end of September drop into the Restricted Free Agents pool.

Status of offers as of 20161004.0055 PDT:
- James Frestrikial (Brown Bear, C): 3yr-$10.5m from LOR (3.5/3.5/3.5)
- James Frestrikial (Brown Bear, C): 2yr-$7m from ALB (3/4)
- Rikki Singh (Mongoose, G/F): 1yr-$1m from LVG accepted
- Tanya Feckle (Gerenuk, F/G): 5yr-$36m + NTC3 from HWI (4/5/7/9/11)
- Tanya Feckle (Gerenuk, F/G): 5yr-$36m + NTC3 from TEN (4/5/7/9/11)
- Tanya Feckle (Gerenuk, F/G): 5yr-$37m + NTC3 from EDM (4/8/7/9/9)
- Tanya Feckle (Gerenuk, F/G): 4yr-$37m + NTC2 from BLV (6.5/8.5/10.5/11.5)

Accepted offers from 20160918:
- Adam Tevela (Linsang, F): 5yr-$54.5m from QNS (9/9.5/10.5/11.5/14)
- Ahti Nereus (White Sturgeon, C): 5yr-$31m + NTC5 from TXS (3/4/6/8/10)
- Akako Tsubasa (Kitsune, G): 3yr-$7.5m from LOR (2/2.5/3)
- Amelia Odessa Springer (Goat, F): 4yr-$28m from TAL (6.5/6.5/7.5/7.5)
- Andi Sekforde (Skunk, F): 3yr-$6m from TXS (1/2/3)
- Brad Pullman (Bald Eagle, F): 4yr-$28m from TXS (5/6/8/9)
- Casey Rucks (Brown Hyena, G/F): 3yr-$12m from EDM (4/4/4)
- Cliff Matthiews (Canadian Lynx, G): 3yr-$38m + NTC2 from ALK (11.5/13/13.5)
- Edwin Griega (Canada Goose, F): 1yr-$7.5m from LOR
- Hank Sawyer (Virginia Opossum, G): 5yr-$22.5m from TEN (4/4/4.5/5/5)
- Hal Dufrain (American Alligator, F/C): 5yr-$40m from TEN (7/7/8/9/9)
- Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F): 2yr-$46m from SEA (22/24)
- Jamie Velasquez (Seagull, G/F): 1yr-$3.5m from SAS
- Julian Cross-Kiraly (Saluki, G): 4yr-$27m + NTC3 from HWI (5/6/7/9)
- Keitaro Kurosaki (Black Tip Reef Shark, F/G): 4yr-$26m from TXS (5/6/7/8)
- Lindsey Morrison (Border Collie, G): 2yr-$10m from TXS (5/5)
- Mary Wooten (Sheep, F): 1yr-$2.5m from LVG
- Mika Ziggler (Otter, F/C): 1yr-$3m from HWI
- Mikaylah Marley (Albino Wolfbat, G): 4yr-$18m from WIL (3/4/5/6)
- Ren Inoue (Tosa Inu, G): 5yr-$50m from MON (8/9/10/11/12)
- Ryan Ottley (Eurasian River Otter, G): 2yr-$8m from HNT (4/4)
- Scott Paulichek (Fisher, F): 2yr-$9m from AZW (4/5)
- Sonja Tinker (Skunk, F/C): 3yr-$13m from PIT (4/4/5)
- Tanner Muldoon (American Badger, C/F): 4yr-$15m from WPG (3.5/3.5/4/4)
- Tejay Aamoth (Field Mouse, G): 3yr-$9m from BAL (3/3/3)
- Tobias Macklin (Hellbender Giant Salamander, G): 3yr-$6m from AZW (2/2/2)
- Warren Doyle (Spotted Hyena/Coyote, G/F): 3yr-$16m + NTC2 from HWI (4/5/7)
- Xavier Saffiren (Greyhound, C): 2yr-$4m from WPG (2/2)
Accepted offers from 20160919:
- Aditya Anggun (Balinese Civet, G): 3yr-$18m from SAS (5/6/7)
- Chester Longtail (Sable Ferret, F/C): 1yr-$1m from EDM
- Luna St. Peter (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, F): 3yr-$13.5m from LOR (4/4.5/5)
- Rebecca McCloud (Red Fox, C/F): 4yr-$21m from WIL (3/4/6/8)
- Wesley Lachs (Sockeye Salmon, F): 4yr-$45m + NTC4 from TXS (9/10/12/14)
Accepted offers from 20160920:
- Benjamin Durby (Fallow Deer, C/F): 3yr-$39m from BGR (12/13/14)
- Christiaan Hengst (Friesian Horse, C/F): 4yr-$20m from PIT (3.5/4.5/5.5/6.5)
- Mila Pisarović (Genet, F): 1yr-$1m from BAL
- Sofía Kikian (Sand Cat, G): 3yr-$13m from HWI (3/4/6)
- Trent Mosley (Elk, C/F): 3yr-$19.5m from BLV (5.5/6.5/7.5)
Accepted offers from 20160921:
- Monty Silverthorn (Pine Marten, G): 4yr-$45m + NTC2 from AZW (10/10/12/13)
Accepted offers from 20160922:
- Miguel Mendoza (Blue-and-Yellow Macaw, C): 3yr-$12m from SJT (3/4/5)
- Terrell Vora (Honey Badger, F): 3y-$15m from SJT (5/5/5)
Accepted offers from 20160923:
- Bobby Baylor (Polar Bear, F/C): 1yr-$8m from SEA
- Craig Reinhardt (Black Panther, F/C): 4yr-$41m + NTC2 from BLV (9/9.5/10.5/12)
- Lance Freewell (Clouded Leopard, C): 1yr-$21.5m from PIT
- Mark Gerena Jr (Greenland Shark, F): 1yr-$1m from ALK
- Sharon Sawchuk (Cougar, G/F): 2yr-$3m from HNT (1.5/1.5)
- Wesley Madder (Pug, C/F): 1yr-$1m from SAS
Accepted offers from 20160924:
- Juniper Hill (Maned Wolf, G): 1yr-$1m from LVG
Accepted offers from 20160925:
- Bailey Brisbane (Catahoula Leopard Hound, G): 1yr-$3m from MON
- Cassidy Ellis (Puma, G): 1yr-$1m from DAK
- Cassidy Whitelatch (Border Collie, C/F): 3yr-$19.5m from DAK (6/6.5/7)
- Sarah Michelle Dunbar (Mountain Hare, G): 4yr-$27m from BAL (6/6/7/8)
- Wescot Yobia (Binturong, F/C): 1yr-$6m from MON
Accepted offers from 20160926:
- Dirk Von Stryker (German Giant Rabbit, C): 2yr-$6m from SAS (3/3)
- Gris Ful (Lamprey, G): 1yr-$2.5m from DAK
- Ricardo Rodrigues (Black Barbary Lion, G): 2yr-$9.5m from MON (4.5/5)
Accepted offers from 20160927:
- Brandon Dreyvus (Opossum, F): 1yr-$1.5m from BLV
- Fenruss Brylee (Black Wolf, F/C): 3yr-$54m + NTC3 from LVG (17/18/19)
- Quintessa Hartnett (Leopard, C): 3yr-$32m from BAL (12/10/10)
- Riccardo Vega (Maned Wolf, F): 3yr-$10.5m from SJT (3/3.5/4)
- Shirley Takamoto (Jaguar, F/G): 5yr-$58m + NTC3 from PIT (6.5/9.5/12/14/16)
Accepted offers from 20160928:
- Doug Day (Golden Retriever, C): 2yr-$6m from SEA (3/3)
- Kevin Malka (Giant Pangolin, F): 4yr-$42.5m + NTC2 from WPG (10/10.5/11/11)
- Saverio Lazzari (American Lobster, F): 1yr-$1m from SJT
- Youssef Goulten (Spring Hare, F/G): 3yr-$9m from SJT (3/3/3)
Accepted offers from 20160929:
- Hassan Kamal (Camel, C/F): 3yr-$27m from AZW (8.5/9/9.5)
- Margaret Walters (Spotted Hyena, G): 2yr-$6m from SEA (3/3)
- Samuel Roberts (Clydesdale, C): 2yr-$8m from BAL (4/4)
- San Ling (Giant Panda, C): 3yr-$12m from TXS (4/4/4)
- Sherman Downward (Porcupine, F/C): 3yr-$27m from AZW (8/9/10)
Accepted offers from 20160930:
- Aurora Goldshine (Yellow Cobra, G): 4yr-$23m from BAL (3/4/6/9)
- LaShawn Grandon (Badger, F): 2yr-$14m from MON (6.5/7.5)
Accepted offers since 20161001:
- Adrian McCormick (Badger, F): 1yr-$3m from DAK
- Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G): 2yr-$33.5m from ALB (16.5/17)
- Blythe Nacht (Red Fox, G): 3yr-$15m from SJT (5/5/5)
- Cloricia Teixeira (Coyote, G): 2yr-$6m from SEA (3/3)
- Eldred Darragh (Black Shuck, F/C): 2yr-$8m from MON (4/4)
- Greg Saffiren (Greyhound, F): 1yr-$1m from WPG
- Jim McCormick (Badger, G/F): 4yr-$39m from HNT (9/9/10/11)
- Rex Kearsarge (Alligator Snapping Turtle, C): 1yr-$2m from WPG
- Roni Fulton (Raccoon, G): 3yr-$15m from BGR (4/5/6)
- Elisa Lawless (Ocelot, G): 2yr-$7m from DAK (3/4)
- Jordan McGrath-Alidis (White Rabbit, F): 2yr-$4m from ALK (2/2)
- Shou Masaru (Shiba Inu, G): 3yr-$18m from BGR (5/6/7)
- Terrick Chomske (Secretary Bird, C/F): 3yr-$9m from QNS (2/3.5/3.5)

NTC# - no trade clause for # years
bold indicates accepted offers since 20161003.1712 PDT
italics indicate offers accepted yesterday
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