To Change the Game (Part 4)

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To Change the Game (Part 4)

Postby Nightfire » July 29th, 2015, 4:41 am

To Change the Game Part 4
Story Series by Nightfire

Feburary 25

“You seem distracted.” The cat mused as he moved his bishop into position. Nightfire seem to mumble a bit as he seemed frustrated over what is going on in the chess game.

“It seems my mind not into this right now. I never suck this bad before.” Nightfire sighed as he moved his king as he seemed to be backing himself into a corner.

“Well if you not up for chess we can try another game.” the cat said as he moved his queen up to put the king in a check position “check”

“It not that Stef… it just- tell me what change are you trying to do?” Nightfire looked at calico as he bluntly ask the question.

“Come again? And it still check” Mr. Calico said as he motioned a paw at Nightfire to continue the game.

“Oh don’t play coy. We known each other for a while now, since college, you became a business cat, I became the free lancing musician, and now you are in charge of one of the most renowned sports organization in the world and I.. well you are now my boss. Funny how life works. But I know that you wouldn’t taken this spot if there wasn’t something you want.” Nightfire move his queen to block.

Calico smiled as he moved his knight “And what make you think that I am on to something friend? You are right I am right now head over one of the most recognize sport league in the world. No need for me to rock the boat. Check again”

“Yet here we are playing chess, despite the fact that you swoop in and took that position so quickly after Mr. Davis step down. Come on I know you want to do something and I want in.” Nightfire said as he can’t believe he is losing so badly and moved his king as he saw the error of the move too late.

“Let just say I am. IF am making such a change, what can you contribute? Checkmate” Stefan move his bishop and smiled.

“I am well-verse in the game, come on I dealt with music business, that market is more blood-thirsty and cutthroat then most entertainment markets out there. “ Nightfire paused for a moment. “Matt Ried burned me with the rapids, left me out on the street. If it wasn’t for Ms. Bunny shacking me up, I still would have been out there. So I making sure this time I won’t be on the outside. I have mingled with some of the most influential people in this league. I can make sure there little blowback for whatever you are doing.” Nightfire looked at the board and set down this king.

Mr. Calico folded his arms and looked at the board. “Again this is all hypothetical, but if wanted some change to happen it going to take time, perhaps two to three years. “
Nightfire looked over the board “another game then?”

“Really? After all that? Are you sure you in the mindset to play again?” Stefan ask as he start to rest the board.

“Well no but it nice to play with a friend and talk also I brought this.” He takes out a bottle of vodka.

“Let try to stay professional here.” Stefan mentioned as he looked around making sure no one saw him with Nightfire with the bottle of vodka

“Are you serious? It all-star week, we both taking a break and you need to loosen up. Come on one more game.” Nightfire smiled as he poured a shot setting it down in front of Stefan.

April 10th

“Foo I want to thank you again for all your help” Nightfire said as they both left the elevator and head down the hall to Mr. Kitsura office.

Foo Foo just waved a paw and let out a forced sigh as if her patience was running thin with Mr. Kitsura. “Well you always seem to come to me like some lost puppy. I swear it those eyes of yours that make me want to help. “

Nightfire laughed as he opened the door to his office and let Foo Foo go in first “speaking of which there is something I wanted to talk to you about. “ He closed the door. “You see there going to be changes coming, big ones, and I am going to need your support on it. You being one of the most powerful players of the game……”

Foo Foo turned and quirked an eyebrow “Out with it squnx, I am a very busy woman.”

Nightfire waved a paw “Well I would like your support on a matter of change that will be happening down the line. Surely the great and powerful Foo doesn’t want to be left out in such a matter of great importance also. Her other business would be a great assets as well. I heard you still have your finger in fashion even though you have officially “retired” from the game.”

“And what kind of change are we talking about?” Foo asked.

“Well the commissioner has plan for the future and that going to require people that willing to accept the change. The League is always growing and evolving and it up to us to not only keep Mr. Underwood cause but….” He paused to let her finish the statement. But she folded her arms and refuse to do say and simply stated.

“Mr. kitsura, I have play this game longer than you have, and I ‘allowed’ you to join this game. I ‘allowed’ you to use my funds if it benefits me. I ‘allowed’ you to flirt with me because it makes me feel young again. I ‘allowed’ you come to my parties. You are young, naive, and have a big mouth.” Foo explained as Nightfire just nodded and goes to his desk and pulled out some papers and set them on his desk.

“So are you saying no?” Nightfire calmly asked as he waited for Foo to finish.

Foo Foo growled and barks at him “and what if I am?!”

Nightfire picked up the papers and goes over and hands them to Foo. “Ms. Foo, I wanted to thank you for ‘allowing’ me to become part of the game, but there is a point in which I know if I hang on one’s tail too long they will get tired and annoyed and bite and pull you off. So insurances were made that you listen to reason.”

Foo read over the papers and growls “so that what you been doing with my money, my power and influence.”

Nightfire interrupts her “ah… ‘our’ influence. I am just as much as a business partner as a friend. I offered you friendship; ‘you’ wanted to keep me on a leash to make sure I didn’t do anything that would hurt your business. So now that it ‘our’ business thanks to you. So now that it our business you have to decide, do you wish to continue the game of keep away or you going to accept my offer?”

Foo Foo look at Nightfire for a moment then snicker then burst out laughing. She even takes a moment to breath from her laughing that lasted a minute. She then recomposed herself and then cleared her throat. “I have to say, you are a sly fox, using my own power against me to set yourself in a position of power so I have to choose to help you or cause my own downfall. I let you get too close it seem.” She walked of to Nightfire’s private bar and takes out a bottle of fine red wine. She popped the cork and poured herself a drink. She took a sip and looked out the window.

“I don’t like this place….” She started to say.

Nightfire is a bit confused on the change of subject. “umm… about the agreement?” he started to say but Foo gave him an ice cold glare. Nightfire maw instantly closed at this point as Foo seemed to set him in his place.

Foo sipped her glass of wine. “Just because you have some of my power doesn’t mean I will let you walk over me, I will crash my own empire to teach you a lesson. I can rebuild, but you, you will be buried will be buried. Now as I was saying, I hate this place. I want teams that can win, and for that they need to be in good locations.”

Nightfire responded “uh ok. Since when the pride became your team?”

Foo Foo turned and looked at Nightfire “when you agreed to be my business partner.”

Nightfire is a bit taken back by the respond as he was going to say something but was interrupted. “As I mention before you have a big mouth, but you have no bite. Newark never been your home and you are starting to realize that. So as your new partner I am going to invest on your move.” She walked over to Nightfire desk and set the glass down. She noticed the chess piece on the desk and pick up the queen chess piece as she walks over to Nightfire. “Congratulation sir knight, you got yourself a Queen, do be careful with the steps you take for now on.” She then kissed him on the forehead and then whisper in his ear “because if you do anything to mess up my business, you are going to wish you stay on the street. She left the office with a very confused and shocked Nightfire.

A few days later an email arrives to Stefan Calico inbox. He opened it and sighed as it comes from Nightfire kitsura,

So hey buddy I just wanted you to know that Knight take Queen? I think I got it. Also the Pride is moving locations. We also decided we will be heading to Queens, New York. I have all the official paperwork and zoning locations and have to get a new logo made.
Your Knight,
Nightfire Kitsura.

Stefan replied “oh my god you didn’t did you? What were you thinking? I said hypothetical! We are going to have a talk about this after the post season!”

End of chapter.

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Re: To Change the Game (Part 4)

Postby Nightfire » July 29th, 2015, 4:45 am

Just showing i am not dead yet and there a lot of moving and shaking in the background more coming in a few days to catch up.

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