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Still Changing the Game (Day before draft)

Posted: August 30th, 2015, 7:25 am
by Nightfire

“So let me get this right? You.. you not only convince a very powerful women to fund a move for the team. You sneaked into the Owner meeting at the draft combine, and now the day before the draft, you just decide to give away our second draft pick after I spent the money to get one again?” Ms Denton fumed as Nightfire sit quietly at the desk.

“Honestly what you have to say? I mean I trusted you, The Pride didn’t even make it to the post season and you have said not one damn word since the post about what you been doing not even a bid in FA.” She goes over and slams her paw over in front of Nightfire. “if you don’t give me an answer hun, I am going to fire you. I don’t care if you are likable or no” The rat said in a pained tone.

Nightfire nods as he tried to explain himself. “I didn’t say anything because there is no need for me to blab about what happening with the team that for the players and news casters to foam at. I didn’t ‘sneak’ in Calico just forgot that I wasn’t part owners anymore so when I was at the combine he expected me to be at the meeting and ask why I wasn’t there. So I went”

“Yea and miss the interviews of the combine! Did you even see the rookies?” Ms. Denton yelled demanding an answer.

“Why worry about new blood when the old blood is on the list for the strike, when the team is in shambles cause their leader has an issue, all the new player going to do is either, join the bandwagon so they don’t feel left out or forge their own path and either get the rest of the team to back them up.. or complain on social media that they don’t ‘like’ where they are and the conditions are ‘not quite to their growth as a player” Nightfire waved a paw.

Ms Denton sighs and pinches the bride of her nose as she seem to be at her end with all the events going on at the FBA. Nightfire adjust his sit. “Perhaps a vacation will do you good Ms. Denton I know a fine spa…”

She hissed at him “don’t you even start playboy, I hear the tales of your ‘vacations’.”

Nightfire folds his arms “Oh really? So is my gracious leader falling to rumors as well? Maybe next time at the meeting I should walk in with no pants, I mean that what the rumors are about right?”

A slam on the desk echoes around the room “That enough from you! This isn’t a game! this isn’t some toy you can play around with and if it break you buy another one. I need a winning team. I am sick of the curse, I am sick of these run around, I am sick of being told it 'ok' to have one trophy and I shouldn’t be greedy and let other people do better then me, like I am being scolded for being the smartest kid in the school.” Ms. Denton exclaimed as the sound of claw scratching against oak can be heard.

Nightfire waited for his boss to finish as she is breathing hard as her claw continue to scratch at the wooden table. There is a knock on the door, as Krystal bunny enters “excuse me, Mr. Kitsura, here are those files you requested.”

Nightfire nodded as he took them “thank you Mrs. Bunny, can you please get the limo ready as well?” Krystal nods and Nightfire set the folder on the table and opens it. As Ms. Denton just slowly hiss out. “what are those?”

Nightfire spoke calmly “Draft Rookie files, since I did miss some of the combine, I had to rely on result of the event to make a sound decision. Personality wise, I could have learned in the interview, but I rather see them on the team then me giving them a personality test. It easy to tell the manager what they want to hear. How well they adjust to the team that what it really about and you can only do that by being “on” the team.”

Ms Denton just glared at Nightfire “so that it then?”

Nightfire nodded “yep that it.”

Ms Denton, began to slowly sit down “and what you got?”

“A list of the top five we will use tomorrow. From that we have an extra space so I can make a bid in Free agency. As for the move, as a General Manager it is important that I have the tools needed so I be able to make the best offer and the best proposal to the agents. Last year there were a lot of bumps in the road cause of our location and the community surrounding it. Even Foo herself knew and well she treats me well, I am expecting that she want me to be her replacement when she finally retires from all this and want to live her days peacefully. Seriously though we needed this move, we been plague with curses and weak growth and now we going to be going to one of the biggest Basketball hubs in the world. She has been plotting this for month because the stadium is nearly done, so even I didn’t know, till she came to me and told me she hated this place.” Nightfire explained as he sighed and looked at the rat. “you knew when you hired me what you were in for, even Leddy warned you. I am not here to flip everything around but I am here to fix the problem we do have while gaining and advantage for The Pride. We gotta get a ring for Valencia before she retires, and we need to start looking for a new Lion for the face of the pride. But for now, let get you something to eat and prep for tomorrow.”

Ms Denton just quietly said “thank you”

Nightfire get up as he took the folder with him as Ms. Denton spoke up “Mr. Kitsura, you are not trying to build some secret organization are you?”

Nightfire stopped as he looked at Ms. Denton funny. “What? Like some basketball illuminati?? Ok you need to stop looking at rumors. I’ll meet you downstairs.” He walked out the door as he takes out a knight chess piece and set it on Krystal desk. “Take care of things for me here while I am treat Ms. Denton for a good meal ok?” He headed out the door.