The Quiet Storm

Coaches need a place to express themselves too. So do the agents for the players. And you can bet the media pops in from time to time.
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The Quiet Storm

Postby Nightfire » July 29th, 2014, 12:30 pm

A small story of Nightfire moment in the postseason.

The Quiet Storm

5/21 – Spokane Administration building
“Well Nightfire despite your shortcomings the Rapids were still able to make the playoffs, isn’t that just peachy” Matt Reid sneered as Tobu brings in Nightfire’s tea and set a folder down next to him.

“Look Reid, we have to stop this, year and year out, you always backlash me whenever I tried something new, and this year you been the worse” Nightfire sighed as he takes a sip of his tea.

“This is why next year you will be out of a job.” Matt Reid said simply.

Nightfire choked up his tea as he coughs for a moment. “I am sorry I must have misheard you.”

“Nope, I had some very good furs that stopped by the other day and offer a very good deal on the team, and well I decided to take it.” Matt took a sip his coffee and smiled.

“Without even asking me about it?” Nightfire yelled.

“I own the team Nightfire, why would I care what you think?” Matt said and before Nightfire can continue he said “yes yes twenty percent. Doesn’t mean anything, it just mean you may or may not get a cut from the deal depending on the sale. Anyways, this team has been in my paws for too long and it gotten nowhere, no one award, not one prize. Heck by this time I would have had one gold medal under my belt if this was the Olympics. Bad decisions and poor coaching lead to this team sad state and now we are just a circus show thanks to you. So, I think I am done.”

“How can you really say this? is what you wanted? Yes this team is not the Golden team of the Bikers or the Minutemen, but they have pride in their work and they are working hard to make sure the team stays together. “ Nightfire tried to tell Matt but Matt seemed to ignore him.

“No this is what you wanted. I wanted a winning team, you wanted a circus act and I am done wasting money so effective at the end of the post season the Rapids will be sold and you sir are out of a job.” Matt set his cup down and walked out the door. “I hope you had a backup plan. Cause there is no safety net for you now, I wanted to see you crash and burn and now I get to smile for the first time to finally see you fail.”

“Mr. Kitsura..” a voice seemed to yelled for a very far distance.

“Night!” the voice ring loudly in his ear as he held them for a moment.

Nightfire seem to snap out of his haze as he looked over for a moment seeing Bjorn trying to talk to him. “Coach you need to focus. We are falling behind, we have 2 minutes left and we are down by 5.”

“ the 3-2 defense with a Triangle offense..” Nightfire said softly. Bjorn looked at him for a moment a bit confused but goes and explained it to the team. Nightfire seem to be out of it as the time tick down slowly till the final buzzer. He looked up at the score 93-98 Winnepeg. He slowly stood up and walked off the court.

“Mr. Kitsura!” a voiced yelled in the distance. Nightfire stopped and waited. Xavier comes up and just glares at Nightfire for a moment. “you have a lot of nerve, phasing out like that. We could have won! “

“sorry” is all Nightfire said.

“Where is your head?! You are never like this” Xavier complained

“sorry” Nightfire continued.

“Y-you.” He pauses for a moment. “you want to go get a drink?”

“I would love one..” Nightfire responded softly.

“So he really is doing it huh?” Xavier asked as a group of players, Beverly, Svenia and himself sat at a table along with Nightifre sharing various drink at the local pub.

“Yea, it was a week ago and I am still in shocked.” Nightfire said as he looked into his small empty shot glass.

“and why can’t the new owners keep you around?” Svenia asked holding her glass.

“They don’t want me around, they have their own staff. So you all who are still on the Rapids will have new trainers, coaches, new playbook.” Nightifre started to explain.

“You mean we have to start all over again” Xavier said as he took a huge gulp of his beer.

“Well, yea. Though I did better did year, more fundamentals, less toga wearing, I was very quiet, working on the taurs. Antony and Merrill. I just want to show that taurs can still be a good asset to the league and have some improvement on the team.” Nightfire sighed and laughed. “And here I am three years in with this team and all I got to show is fancy clothes, a division title, and a lot of angry players.”

“I wouldn’t say angry, just mildly annoyed by your antics.” Xavier smirked.

“You coach like a football player, and we are basketball players Night. We adjusted but we can’t be as aggressive on the turf as on the court.” Svenia explained.

“Well it too late to change things, so at least we had an ok season, you all tried hard and that well in my book.” Nightfire said smiling as he poured another drink.

“Where will you go?” asked Svenia

Nightfire shrugs, “Honestly I don’t know, the last of my money was on this team, a musician life is like a sport career. You start to rise, you have your fifteen minutes of fame and then you slowly dwindle away. Music hasn’t been selling and no tours because I have been doing this. So my music career has slowly hit it decline. It no big though you know what I will be fine, I am sure another team will pick me up.”

“Doubtful” Xavier said as he elbows by Beverly. “ow girl.”

Nightfire laughed “you are probably right I am to out of the box to fit on most teams. The Rapids gave me free range, so I change the logo, brought in unique players and tried to make it work. I don’t think I will have the freedom anymore. I will just work a normal nine to five till I get back on my feet again.” Nightfire just smiled and changed the subject to avoid any more questions. “Anywho the big focus is how we will come back from this loss.”

Game 2 was hard game to swallow despite Rapids best efforts, the first two quarters showed that something was wrong with the team. Nothing work, none of his plays work, nothing sync. Then it happens early in the game Xavier went for a layup, but Doug Dramson wasn’t going to let him get away that easy. Xavier fell hard missing the layup, the whistle blown, a foul is call, but Xavier isn’t getting back up. A lot scrambling to get him off the court, and the bad news that Xavier will be out for the next 4 games. Time was ticking for Nightfire and he had nothing to say, no one to blame but himself. He did all he can but Winnpeg overpowered the Rapids leaving a crushing loss.
Nightfire was quiet all the way home. He arrived at the office the next day and schedules the movers to come and get all his stuff, and he begins to pack some things.

“What no practice, no goofy inspirational speeches?” said a young female voice.

Nightfire looked up as he saw Ezra Rosenbaum and just blinked. “b-.”

“Yea well it seem, you needed a pep talk” She smiled and they talked for hours. After a while she finally tell him “you know this isn’t the Nightfire I know even though you sent me off.”
“I said I was sorry but furs were spreading rumors and I didn't want your reputation to be tarnished.” Nightfire said.

“Right, like I care what people think, I play ball and I play it well that all that need to be said. Ezra responded drinking the tea that Nightfire provided. “but you need to enjoy these games like they are the finals for you, just because Matt has given up doesn’t mean you should as well. How about teaching him how good of a coach you can be ok? Rub it all in his face”

Game three was Nightfire proving ground. With their star player out and the team at home, he has to make sure he can do what he sought after and that is to be a good coach when thing look bad for the team. Nightfire came out in a toga, that famous toga that he wore the first time he coached. He waved a paw in the air; the crowd seemed to be electric that night. They wanted a win, and the team is going to try. Xavier just laughs quietly as he takes a seat “haven’t seen that getup all year. Good to see your head finally in the game”
Nightfire spoke to the team. “I have no good fancy speeches tonight, there is no easy plan for this win, but all you are great players, I never been so proud. Even after a losing season we made it to the postseason and though they have been cast aside as the first to go down, we will show them tonight that we are warriors, and we will fight. Go into this knowing that you all earn your way here and no one can take that away from you. Even if we lose and stay home, no one can take this crowd, this home, this court from you. This is your coliseum now go out there and win that crowd!
The team started strong but they were facing a giant of a team. Winnipeg was going to make Rapids their first meal before their conquest and it show with Zoie Wilds starting the show with Winnipeg gaining a 8 point lead in the first 5 minutes. Gilbert exen responded with a 6-0 run himself as the battle course through the first quarter leaving Rapids behind by 5. As the second quarter began Nightfire made a change as he saw something within Winnipeg formation. He sent in Samantha to replace Exen and he trust his instinct. Samantha quickly set up a screen and get the open shot behind arc and she sink her first 3 of the night. The crowd goes to their feet. Nightfire does a small fist pump in celebration.
Samantha lead the charge giving the Rapids a 12-2 run as the crowd is chanting the Rapids and the band plays the fight music. Winnipeg calls a time out to cool Samantha down. Nightfire take this opportunity to rattle the team with triangle offense. By half time the team was ahead and they were in good spirits.

“Well team I think we can do this, I think we can make sure that despite what everyone says you are all a good team and we can show them. “ Nightfire keeping his pep talk short and sweet. “Keep up with the offense and we can do this.”

With that the team was inspired and with that night and that night alone Nightfire prove something to himself, that he had the making of a good coach. The Rapids came out with a victory; NIghtfire in the third quarter was on the bench chair exciting the crowd as the Rapid played their hardest that night. No one can take that night away from them.

“I can’t believe it, the Rapids made it. How? Just damn it!” Matt fumed in his office. “Well it doesn’t matter once they lose the team will be sold and all is done. So they will enjoy their last moments.”

Nightifre smiled as he good spirits as he packing away before the game, getting his items together packing the important papers and getting the big furniture taken out. There is a knock on his door as Matt came in “So congrats on the win over Winnepeg”

Nightfire nodded “thanks, that means a lot”

Matt Reid asked “so where will you go after this?”

“I don’t know, with the money from the sale I am sure I will be able to hold myself for a while then, more than likely pick up a 9-5, my cds haven’t sold well as of late.” Nightfire said calmly.

“That too bad well.. best of luck to you.” Matt said as he left the room, a wide grin on face. “To bad for you that you no money from that sale.”

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