FBA Tashira Sports Rankings - Edition One

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FBA Tashira Sports Rankings - Edition One

Postby JWolfman » November 18th, 2016, 2:59 pm

November 18th, 2016


Rank #1
Except for Shou Masau stepping his foot into the circle in the 11/17 game against Baltimore, Raoul Kidane and Blanc Mange had been the only Tides players to earn POTG awards during the course of their seven-game winning streak that led to the top of not just the Eastern Conference but also the entire FBA. Mange is having a start worthy of MVP contention, averaging around 20 points per game.

Rank #2
Albany's losses against Bangor and Pittsburgh are the only reasons why the defending champions are not sitting on top of the mountain. The coffee husky Rodger Umaechi averaged 26 points per game. With Buck Hopper retired, will Umaechi become the most marketable face of the FBA? That question would've been easy to answer if it isn't for a certain otter out of Hawaii.

Rank #3

Despite the team taking a huge hit when L.V. McDyess sufferred a collarbone fracture earlier this month, the team has enough talent and depth to lead the Western Conference without him. Their biggest victory thus far however was made before the season began, when they drafted Tyrese Vaughan, whom might be one of the top favorites for Rookie of the Year considerations.

Rank #4

Losing Matsuura to retirement was a big blow to the team, but thus far Sterling Bengtzing had been doing well replacing him at the five spot. Kresta Renstill is the current average points leader for the team, but their struggles with a mediocre bench continues to haunt them. Also Sterling blocked my twitter account, but I still noticed his tweet asking fellow rookie Doug Dawson to fetch the water. I could call him out on the hypocrisy since he refused to do such things back in his rookie season (LAST SEASON), but again he blocked my account instead of answering a simple question that I asked him.

Rank #5

Despite losing their star goat and red panda to injuries, the Wildcards still enjoyed an impressive start of the season, but the Mountain Division is proving to be very tough (with the exception of Edmonton). Misha Maxwell has all the talent and marketable charms to be a future star and face for the Wildcards, but having Zindendel in the sidelines for possibly another month could still hurt them dearly.

Rank #6

Injuries continue to be a major problem for the Huntsville, as it had been the past two seasons. D'Angelo MacQuilkin might as well have a bullseye target painted right on his groin, and now John Stoat is out for possibly a month due to injuring his wrist. Still they lead atop the Southern Division. For now.

Rank #7

After dropping the first four games of the regular season, the Kahunas embarked on a winning streak that continues as of this writing. Scoonie Barrett has already stamped himself as the primary star for the team, and he also leads the whole league in average scoring, the only one thus far to score points in the 30-range in average. However is there such a thing as having too much talent? Have people already forgotten they were once 0-4?

Rank #8

Another season, another new General Manager, another... oh wait. Could the Spirits finally see themselves outside of the basement for once? Theodore Rockwell had been leading the team to such a good start that maybe fans would forget that the team's new GM dropped Silvia Windcreek like a rock down the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly however their lack of depth in the Bigfur category had brought the team back to reality, but they are capable of holding their own.

Rank #9

Tanya Feckle might be the team's best acquisition from Free Agency, and so far the team had reaped in the benefits. She is the leading average scorer, but even then she's barely in the top twenty for league-overall in that category. They may have a shot for a good playoff spot much later on the season, but their overall talent might not be enough at all to push them all the way to the Finals.

Rank #10

It seemed very apparent at new head coach Teres Kalin was having problems adjusting to his new team and style, but the team has finally found their stride and found themselves leading the Plains Division, which unfortunately is the weakest division in the entire FBA. Derek Kim continues to impress, but depth issues is still a bad issue for them. Chantal Magnano hasn't scored a single point since the beginning of the season, and the team is struggling to be strong on the post.


Rank #22

The only reason why I placed the Keystones on the Bottom Three and not Edmonton is because at least everyone expects Edmonton to be a bad team. The Keystones though? Not sure what's going on with them, but maybe the fact they traded away Wayne Kirkpatrick could be a big clue and not finding a decent replacement to be an even bigger clue. There's also losing Terrence Tolliver and Lance Freewell to injury, but the team was mighty struggling even before then. This team won against great teams (ALB, BGR) but lost against medium-strength teams (TAL, WIL, LOR, etc). Copy-Paste Squirrel continues to clog from the bench.

Rank #23

I don't think a lot of people saw this one coming either. They've been struggling against weak to mediocre teams while scoring victories against strong teams such as Hawaii. They lost against injury-plagued Texas, for goodness sake. Dylan Redfield has been the strongest player on the team thus far, but Ryan Malone is showing his age, losing Fenruss Brylee was a massive blow, and Adrian McCormick is being overshadowed by his more talented brother. It is simply inexcusable for them not to be leading in such a weak division.

Rank #24

Erik Tiovonen, this is the curse of being the #1 Draft Pick... often the team with the first pick of the draft happens to be the worst team in the entire FBA, and sadly due to a very lax management staff, it seems this team is on the road to have yet another #1 Draft Pick. Travis Buckner continues to dominate in points for the team, and Rocky Caracal provides much-needed experience, but overall the team is weak in the bench and has perhaps the weakest bench in the entire league. Tiovonen might have a good shot for the ROTY Throne, but it is extremely hard to shine when it seems the entire team is holding him down, and he had already expressed his frustration on social media.
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