FBA Tashira Sports - Edition Six

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FBA Tashira Sports - Edition Six

Postby JWolfman » March 30th, 2017, 8:11 am

FBA Tashira Sports Rankins - Edition Six

1 - QUEENS PRIDE (41-19)

After 60 games, the Pride is the only team left not to experience at least 20 losses, and are currently on a eight-game winning stretch. A linsang joined the 40-pt-club, an old squirrel reminds his critics that he still got it, and a certain canine hasn't made any speciest remarks in twitter in a long while. Things are doing alright for this team.


Williamsburg's superstar Vera La Tierra continues to contribute heavily for the team, keeping them afloat the Central Division with a nine-game lead over their second-place rivals, the Spirits. They are the only bright spot for the entire Central Division however.


After yet another successful long stretch of wins for the Mayors, they hit a bit of a slump by the time of this writing. They are still a very dangerous team, but in a tough division. Jerome Swimmer must have mixed feelings right now however, raising a question: Which is better, struggling in the FBA as a bench player or leading as a starter to a FBA Developmental championship? Congrats to Wyoming anyway.

4 - ALASKA ARCTICS (36-24)

Now it is Alaska's turn to be on top of the Pacific Rim, but lets see if they can hold on to that lead after ten more games from now. It's a testament to the compeitiveness of this division that you could be leading it and in just two games, you could end up dropped to third.


Right behind the Arctics are the Pacific Rim rivals, the Spectrums. When Tyrese Vaughan and Hawaii's Scoonie Barrett collided and injured each other in the 3/15 game, the next day's sports journalists were remarking that the two otters were arguing over who is more oily and somehow collided due to lack of traction.


The Montana Howlers continue their balanced mixture of wins and losses, never actually gaining or losing much ground in the FBA in the process. They are currently holding a very slight 'lead' in the Mountain Division, atop the Wildcards only because their conference record is better. They're not a weak team, but not a strong one either.


The Wildcards used to be atop the rankings but they have slipped rather considerably since then. They also had a poor showing in the past ten games, losing six of ten. However they are still strong on the Mountain Division but their opponents are either tied with them (Montana) or snapping at their heels (Summit and Totems).

8 - SAN JOSE THRUST (35-25)

It doesn't happen very often in the Rankings that three Divisional opponents list there, but San Jose completes the Pacific Rim trifeca here. I'm sure Barnaby Jazz must be feeling fairly good about earning a POTG against Seattle Summit, considering some tension or rivalry between him and Jake Turner that stemmed from last season's playoffs.


The Moonshiners won seven of their last ten, keeping themselves in strong contention for at least a playoff spot but unless the Mayors faulter again, they have little chance of a divisional crown. They are also in danger of losing their second place spot to the Typhoons whom are also enjoying a strong run as of late, but as long as they stay consistent, the Moonshiners will snatch that important playoff spot.

10 - SEATTLE SUMMIT (33-27)

Jake and The Summits continue their tour on the rise, now on the Top Ten in their league standings and yet tied for third/fourth in the Mountain Division. At the time of this writing, Jake Turner is closely approaching his 21st birthday. Someone keep watch over him once the team returns to Las Vegas.


22 - ARIZONA WHIPS (21-39)

The Whips are becoming the whipped boys and girls of the FBA, and the only reason why the Albany Alphas are happy right now that they are no longer in the Bottom Three of the Tashira Sports Rankings. I've heard Morgan McCarthy had been proud of himself this season with his constant double-double efforts... but until those double-doubles contribute to actual wins, he should have little to be proud about.

23 - DAKOTA BIKERS (19-41)

Gee whiz, Dylan Redfield must be feeling like he should've stayed in the UFFL when he jumped ship, huh?


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