Zane Donovan - Combine Experiment

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Zane Donovan - Combine Experiment

Postby Harlow » August 18th, 2017, 3:59 pm

(The rankings are totally aleatory, doesn't affect their rankings or anything roll-wise, only a dynamic)

In the league, players got to be snappy, they got to be on point, they got to be ready. With these draftees, they need to be impressive from the first word, let the world know they are here and ready to play. And so, I decided to conduct this experiment.

Here's Zane Donovan with "One Question To Conquer All"

I'm going to ask one question and one only. And you, internet readers, will rank these fellas based on the impressions they give you, will this be an omen for their future? We don't know, but this will not be the hottest seat they will face in their careers.

So without further ado, let's go!


"We noticed you're one of the few players that are related to someone who had league experience. The must ask is, how has that inspired you and do you think it brings an advantage, would it be a hindrance, or would nothing change?"

"Of course it's an advantage, no matter how small. It's not like I've lived with my uncle or have anything to do with him other than training at his place both in Lorain, Galveston and Hawaii and getting his support to pursue this road as well as my family's. At the same, though, I have to rely on me and my own strength in order to make myself known as Tay Delgado, and not anymore as "Gerry Cross' nephew". But I have the exact know-how in how to do so, which is something a good number of these furries is lacking already."


"It is said around that your father had to do a lot with your beginnings in basketball, down to the move of continents from Congo to Belgium. It is great to have that positive relationship, will it be cornerstone for your future in your career? Will it help you shape your path?"

"My relationship with my father is important to me, for he has help me through much of life. I love my father dearly, and he will help me how he can. He has help set me upon a path for my future, and my family's, and it is my job to blaze that trail."


"We noted that despite your height, you're not anywhere close to being a big or a forward in your playstyle. We got a bunch of talented guards that are under 6', but hardly someone that is as close to 7' chooses to play the point guard. What are the advantages of playing this position at your height?"


"I mean you said it yourself, most Point Guards range from somewhere between 5 and a half feet to 6 and some change."
"Try guarding someone that's over 6 inches taller than you and you'll see how much of a pain it is. I'll see over any double team and just pass to the open fur, if you try to block me you have to not only jump 6 plus inches higher than me, you also have to make up the time it takes to clear those 6 plus inches. And it's the exact opposite on defense. Though you know height doesn't mean everything, if it did DQ would be playing PG for Seattle. You still have to be a skilled ball handler and passer. And I've got plenty of talent there. I know my height will just end up being the focus, but it really just compliments my skill set."


"Freddy Varnagy, right? Compared to other draftees, you're unusual in terms that you got a kid, many would say that would be an impediment in starting for the big leagues, others don't care for it and go on and make it big. How did your kid played in your decision to declare?"

"Hmmm. Well, I'll give it to ya straight. Like any taking care of a kid, It has had its challenges more than once...But when I look in my little girls eyes, know what I see? My strength to show her that you can do anything if you set your mind to the task at hand. I'm still growing, learning, just like her."


"So, you claim to be the best of both worlds, Danish and Swedish. Would you be able to tell why did you decide to make the laborious decision to jump in between 2 countries? How has that shaped you?"

"Well, I have family in both countries and I spent most of my childhood in Denmark, so I feel it is my second home. And I absolutely LOVE traveling! So I find it super fun to jump between my two countries."


"I simply cannot believe your story. You lost your sister in 2004, you had a near-death experience after. And you go and make a lengthy career in a whole new country. How in the world did you get here?"

tries to remember English the best he can "Well Zane, I got supporting family and good staff in team, and whatever happens you know that life goes on and you got to keep going. I know those not here are proud and want me succeed, and me is happy and blessed to go, Merci"


"So, unlike many of the draftees here, you got an American start, while testing the European style later on, instead of viceversa or keepin it exclusive. What is the difference between both? How does it shape you as a whole up?"

The dog offers a shy smile. "It doesn't really matter, to be honest. Basketball is basketball, and if you're playing on a professional level, it shouldn't matter. People think the FBA has all the talent worldwide, but I think that's changed in the last 15 years. I'm only starting in the FBA because that's where my home is, right now. If I was still living in Switzerland, I'd be trying out for the EFBL. I'd be playing my best no matter where I was. If I do well in the FBA and the EFBL scouted me out, I'd consider it, but I'm here now, and the now is all that matters."


"So, while your background is exotic, never had an Estonian player before, your position could be seen as overpacked. What would make you different and standout, not just for the draft, but the league?"

"Oh, uh, well...I'd say that I set myself apart by playing hard and, uh, my willingness to do whatever it is I need to do to help the team win. I know it's not all about me."


"So, heard you're an early favorite, pretty impressive for someone who started on another sport. How was your route to the FBA, juggling two sports, finally making your decision as this?"

"Great to hear people are putting me high on the list. As for why: I did what I wanted to, and everyone else back home can sod off with their expectations. Sure, I was a footballer first; Soccer, not your American version. Sure I was great at football, but I am just as good on the basketball court. Not as many petty Rover drivers either."


(the same question was asked to both of them separarely, without the other's knowledge)

"So, we noted you're coupled with a fellow player. You know there is a high chance you will br separated and competing against each other. How do you plan to keep up with that dynamic and your relationship?"

Panichkul: "Of course we've realized we may be on different teams." rolls his eyes & then grins "But that doesnt change anything. Our relationship is strong and we'd never let our relationship get in the way of our game; how we are on court. But I can definitely say if we ARE on the same team? That'll be one dynamic duo that you wouldn't ever want to face."

Tavares: *laughs* "We've always been a bit competitive in our relationship. When we haven't had teams to play on, we've played one-on-one, and challenged each other with friendly bets. If we're on competing teams, as is likely, the only thing that will change between us is distance."


"As you know, you're outspoken about your college career choices, which could be seen as controversial, and sponsors may be wary of your presence. What do you feel it's more important: keeping your own presence or opening for the chances for sponsorships and deals, leaving those topics to a side if required to be?"

"Well I understand that my major can be quite controversial... more so my minor, but it's perfectly healthy to want to help people in their couple life as well as their sexuality... But ask my teammates , my coaches, im all business on the court. May you not worry. And I know how to keep this professional of course, I ain't no floozy, just confident in my self and my body. I wanna be an example you know?"


"As you know, African players are not as common in the league, and unlike your fossa peers from Gabon and the DROC, you're born and raised in your home country of Kenya, without moving out to Europe or the US. What do you think Africa has to offer to the FBA in terms of style or any other aspect others can't supply?"

"I have not competed with anyone outside of my own country until now, but I can already tell they do not play quite like we do. Too much aggression and not enough spirit, if that makes sense. On my courts back home there is passion in every shot taken, raw power behind every block and foul. Everything I know just feels more primal in comparison, a different edge to our players that I think many outsiders cannot fully understand without the firsthand experience."

Rating of polls first impression, starting with the best and going down from there, alongside (highlight comments) from the blog readers:
1-Tay Delgado (He gets it. Perfect, he's there to slay)
2- J.C Golde (If he had stayed in the soocer field, we wouldn't have had so much wusscake floppers, but would liek to see more, he is entertaining af)
3- Leon Delmont (Great comeback for the questions, I can't wait to see him on court with the pros.)
4- Rashid Kibore (Has this wild man je ne sais quoi. He might kick someone on court. #popcorn)
5- Freddy Varnagy (I'm in love with him. I want his kid (not that way))
6- Lucas-Berger Kane (Looks like a bully, but actually a sweetie. Will he be crushed in the league?)
7- Niran Panichkul (So this is the token spoiled hardass one of the season...)
8- Pierre Caro (No habla English. Nice story, but sounds SO disinterested. Language barriers? Attitude?)
9- Mary Kathryn O'Hara (Oh y'all wanted a twist, eh? Horsin' around, play with my kitty the sequel. Bets are open as to when.)
10- Vendela Malmqvist (Too pure and innocent for this league. Same last sentence as Lucas, but not a question, a solid statement)
11- Lucien Ngoy (I smell daddy drama from the get go)
12- João Miguel Tavares (Evident who is the driving force between the two)
13- Kaspar Kuusik (Talk about rehearsed and boring. A draftee or a Miss Estonia candidate?)


Overall this has been a pretty eventful and satisfactory experiment. May go out for a Part 2 if possible.

Zane Donovan

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Re: Zane Donovan - Combine Experiment

Postby Harlow » August 25th, 2017, 10:50 am

Part 2 of the dynamic!


"We noted that you said you came from humble beginnings, until you got your start in a countrt club. That's for rich and affluent people innit? Did a humble environment affected your style? How did it compare versus the more affluent kids once you entered there?"

"That's indeed an interesting question, one of my biggest struggles involved adapting to the new environment, it wasn't much the fact affluent people were there but the fact I didn't feel I was up for the challenge, so it took me a while to socialize with the other kids, because despite their origins they just wanted fun and did not really pay attention to status or anything, with time as we grew we grew accustomed to one another and we remained on friendly terms, despite that though, I do struggle on my social skills with other players, I'm working hard on correcting that."


"We know that, due to the five-limb ruling, you have to wear a vest to minimize the impact your wings. If you were the Comissioner, would you change this ruling or do you think it's fair when you compare yourself to other players around you?"

"Looking at myself from the perspective of an opposing player, seeing someone like me having the use of their wings would be near impossible to defend. Since I can already touch the rim, it would be even more ridiculous if I had to use the one flap rule instead of wearing the vest because I'm pretty sure that my hand could reach higher than the entire backboard itself. That's something that I wouldn't want to defend. So, yeah, I wouldn't change it at all due to how much of an advantage I'd have over literally every other player in the game."


"As an aquatic, you should know that several teams' hometowns are not usually suited for your kind of needs, sunny, cold, no bodies of water around, you name it. Should that be a concern for your employers or would you just hope to be drafted to Hawaii or California?"

"Hah, that ain't gonna be a problem. If they need me to move somewhere else, I got that shit covered! I ain't doing all this only ta hope Hawaii and California are the only ones who need me! I can adapt, and don't ya underestimate me on that!"


"You pretty much live a stone throw from the Kahunas, one of your potential employers. As a Native, a not as common sight to see in the league, would you change up what that FBA team does differently publicity wise? Is there something they do wrong that you'd want to change?"

"I wouldn't wanna exactly 'change' anything? I mean, I really care about native issues but I don't wanna turn the team into a platform, y'know? However, I DO want to see native talent on that team. I would love it if the Kahunas COULD become more closely associated with all of Hawaii, including the natives. If I was on the team, I would try to help the team make that connection to the native community. As for anything 'wrong'? Nah, I don't think they're doing anything overtly -wrong-. But like I said, I really want to see them pick up Native talent and show Hawaii that they include everyone, even us natives. Whether that's me or someone else? Up to them, and I'd be satisfied either way. I can tell ya, there's a lot of natives who're just -waiting- to see a Hawaiian on the Kahunas. I think it'd mean a lot to them."


"You are one of the few furs out here with a refugee/immigrant background. How does that experience change someone, seeking towards a new chapter in life and their own career success?"

"To be honest, I rather not focus on that, eh? I'm a fur like any other here, and back in my city. Canada's the best country and the best case scenario to happen and I consider myself very much Canadian. But in all, for those seeking up the change, it gives them a sense of perseverance, strength, courage, and a lot of stamina. All stuff that I think an athlete could use, so... yeah."


"You got so much in so little time! Some argue that they are worried that you haven't had the proper time to sink all of that experience in, some are fawning over all you traveled and went through. What is your perspective on your path? Would you make more time to let the US University experience or the EFBL sink in if you were given another chance?"

"Not worried. My experience will take me far. I was in Olympics, I was in EFBL, and I still yet to reach 20. I got resume more impressive than all of these people, and I will conquer FBA easily. I came here because I want to win, fly high for Russia and prove I am next big thing." *cackle*


"So, you're one of the few, but constantly present Canadians in the FBA drafts; many have established their presence in the league and helped it shape up. What does Canadian game have thaT the US doesnt?"

"Well, of course most know that basketball was invented in Canada back in 1891, so I suppose you could say that we've had a little more time with the game than many other countries. We also have a much higher population density with between 75 and 90% of us living within 100 miles of the U.S. border, depending on who you ask, meaning that the rate of application for sports programs at any given college, and especially the most popular colleges, is much higher, making the competition that much tougher, and the athletes who come out of those colleges that much better prepared for the high-stakes nature of the FBA."


"It is said you enjoy the extravagant and flashy lifestyle, both on and off court. Considering many of the top players in the league are of the more simple side, do you think you would steer up to become more simple and easygoing way in the future if it meant you'd become sucessful in the league?"

"In a way, yes, I would. But living a flashy, extravagant lifestyle or not should not mean the difference between my success or a lack thereof. And, I should state, just because I live as I do does not mean I'm an uptight person. I enjoy the simple things, and I enjoy leisure time as any others my age might."


"Recent reports and rumors have shown you as "skilled, but unworkable", with some even skipping the skilled part. Do you believe this is overblown or outdated? If some truth is there, do you consider the Gary now improved and different from the Gary then?"

he laughs "The only people that think I'm unworkable are either journalists that want to embarrass me or people that doesn't know how I work with teammates. I admit that I'm rude and crass, but only on those that deserve such treatment. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, I yell a lot, I taunt, but I ain't stupid to do that against someone like my coach or whatever. So to answer your question, it's overblown. I take the game very seriously, which is why I'm not here to make friends. Sure I might have a huge ego, but I call it self-assurance. If I don't have the ego that tells me that I can make this shot at the last second from 30 feet away, I won't try and I lose as a result. I won't go far in life if I'm self-defeating."


"Growing up muslim and under your tutelage, the sports world will clash up with those a lot. Swimsuits, sponsors, overall western-based foundations. How will you plan around those to prosper not only on court, but also off court, trying to win brands over to say "she's got it"?

"Companies might be surprised how big a market there might be for 'modest' sportswear! Besides, I show off my body when I show what it can do, not when I show as much of it as possible."


"Considering your background, you could be pretty much the common denominator of every draftee. All american, guard, college queen. That might scare some employers. But what makes Melaine different out of every draftee in here?"

"Drawing power. Reason people come to games is they want to see a show. I want to give it to them, and what better way to not only prove yourself out there on the court, but to have a blast doing it?"


Rating of polls first impression, starting with the best and going down from there, alongside (highlight comments) from the blog readers:

1- Josh Severt (The body language, the attitude, the no bullshit... Too bad he isn't a PF or a C, that would work wonders with that body and mentality, else, #perfect)
2- Killian Belmonte Aquino (He absolutely played to the question, made it his own, I believe he is ready, beginnings or not)
3- Mustafa Sokolovic (The winner of "I wanna have a beer with..." out of all. I bet he's the "marry" when you play "fuck, marry, kill" with this draft class)
4- Jaylen Rose (A player who chooses to not cheat? Hold up he might be on to something, league! UFFL! listen!)
5- Gary Elsinore (Can't tell if I hate his Gollum-looking ass, or if I love to hate him. Someone stick him in a court with Rashid opposing him, he might kick his lights out and then we'll have a show. #morepopcorn)
6- Francis Laurent (He's smart... but that's it. Some team need some wallpaper?)
7- Melaine Thompson (I want to believe in her, but all I think is... eh...)
8- Phryne Harred (She reeks of all talk no substance. Fun in the short run, for sure, flash flash)
9- Valeriy Smolov (He's the smugest, most irritating person I've seen or heard in 2017. In 2017. Let that sink in)
10- Hokulani Kealoha (I just picture him throwing a Tumblr fit/hometown card if he isn't picked. Honey, what if you just bad and they don't want you?)
11- Maha Al-Sahrawi (Can't say anything agaisnt her, but... is she exciting and leaves me for more? eeeeeh...)


Updated List, mixed with part 1:

1-Tay Delgado
2- J.C Golde
3- Leon Delmont
4- Josh Severt
5- Killian Belmonte Aquino
6- Rashid Kibore
7- Mustafa Sokolovic
8- Freddy Varnagy
9- Lucas Berger-Kane
10- Jaylen Rose
11- Niran Panichkul
12- Gary Elsinore
13- Francis Laurent
14- Pierre Caro
15- Melaine Thompson
16- Phryne Harred
17- Mary Kathryn O'Hara
18- Vendela Malmqvist
19- Lucien Ngoy
20- Valeriy Smolov
21- Hokulani Kealoha
22- João Miguel Tavares
23- Maha Al-Sahrawi
24- Kaspar Kuusik

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