[FSPN.com] Biloxi Voodoo announces Lewis Lachler as new head coach

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[FSPN.com] Biloxi Voodoo announces Lewis Lachler as new head coach

Postby qovapryi » October 15th, 2017, 1:44 pm

Biloxi Voodoo announces Lewis Lachler as new head coach
by Anthony Wendlinger, Featured Columnist

BILOXI, MS. – Biloxi Voodoo GM Macon Waldrop has announced the hiring of former All-Star Lewis Lachler as their new head coach, replacing Vincent Wei after a two year stint.

The Tanzanian American spotted hyena retired in 2011 after nineteen seasons in the FBA. He covered the position of assistant coach for the Montana Howlers until 2014 before being replaced by former teammate Andy Raine as new management stepped in. After leaving his job in Billings, he worked as head coach for the Israeli national basketball team from 2014 to 2017.

“We are extremely happy to sign Lewis as our new head coach, and look forward to step up to this season’s challenge with a vastly renovated team and a fresh mindset,” Waldrop said at a press conference last Saturday. “We’re looking forward to display a strongly offensive game, and Lewis’ approach to basketball combined with his dedication and experience made him the perfect candidate for the job.”

Lachler inherits a roster that features star forwards Lee Evans (Great Dane, F) and Craig Reinhardt (Black Panther, F/C), as well as recently signed Derek Kim (Kkachi, G) and Sterling Bengtzing (Marbled Polecat, C/F).

“This feels like a wonderful opportunity to dip my paws back into FBA coaching,” Lachler said. “We got a solid team – strong, aggressive players who aren’t taking anything for granted and will give all they got for this franchise. I’m beyond thrilled to be in charge of this group.”

The new assistant coach was also introduced during the press conference. Whitetail deer Lawrie “Uzi” Toft, 29, a Biloxi native formerly employed as head coach at St Martin Furry High School, will replace Charles Nguyen as first assistant coach – one of the youngest individuals in the league to cover such a charge.

“We are grateful to have a rising talent like Lawrie joining our ranks,” Waldrop said. “He shares Lewis’ grits and offensive mentality, and will be learning a lot by working with our players. He is a young, homegrown coach with a winning mentality – our organization is looking forward to groom him into a future coaching star.”

The Biloxi Voodoo have ended the 2016-17 season with a 33-47 record, leading to the third playoff miss in four years and the worst record since 2014-15.

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