Turner Resigns as SEA GM, Asst. GM Richards to Succeed Her

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Turner Resigns as SEA GM, Asst. GM Richards to Succeed Her

Postby BigCed » August 12th, 2019, 10:41 am

Turner Resigns as SEA GM, Asst. GM Richards to Succeed Her

Seattle, WA - Earlier today saw the end of an era in the history of the Seattle Summit franchise. Vicki Turner, once a Hall of Fame player for the Plymouth Taproots, announced that she would resign as General Manager of the Summit. Turner had been Seattle’s only GM since the franchise relocated there from Spokane in 2014.

Turner made a point to emphasize that this was her decision, as opposed to her being forced out by corporate franchise owners Nontentsu.

“It is true that this past season was the first time this team has missed the playoffs in my five seasons as GM. It is also true that we lost two All-Star caliber players to Free Agency this past offseason. But neither of those shortcomings is a factor in this decision.

The truth is, these past few years, my heart simply hasn’t been in it, the day-to-day responsibilities of being an FBA GM. I believe I will ultimately be happier returning to the greatest role of my life, motherhood. I am excited to watch my son achieve great things in Plymouth, as his mother, cheering him on.”

Turner then introduced her successor, Davey Richards (male fennec), previously her Assistant GM in Seattle.

Following his retirement as a player in 1995, after a thirteen year career with Plymouth, Richards joined the coaching staff of the Taproots as an assistant. He was promoted to Head Coach in 1997, but was forced to retire from that role in 2000 due to health concerns.

After stepping away from the game for a few years, he would rejoin the Taproots organization as a scout in 2003. It was in this role he would prove his worth as a part of an FBA front office, recommending the franchise use their second round pick in 2004 on Cheeto Wolfote. In 2011, he would join the Dakota Bikers organization as Scouting Director, recruited by his former teammate in Turner, and would follow her to Seattle as Assistant GM in 2014.

Richards would thank Turner for the opportunity, and then addressed the challenge of the upcoming offseason.

“It’s no secret that I owe a lot to Vicki. As a player, she lead our team to championships, and as proud as I was to be her teammate then, I’m even prouder to have worked with her in the front office to build winning teams in Dakota and now Seattle.

It is that spirit that I accept this challenge to get the Summit back to the peak of furry basketball once again.

Obviously, I can’t go into the specifics of my offseason ambitions for this club. But it is no secret that with no players under contract for next season, we easily have the most cap space of any team in the league. With that in mind, I feel it would be a disservice to the franchise if we did not use that to our advantage. So our plan is to be very aggressive in Free Agency.

To be clear, we are not eliminating the possibility of bringing some players from last year’s squad back. In particular, to address the 450 lbs polar bear in the room, we most definitely want to re-sign Daniel Quvianuq. At this point, he is the defensive heart and soul of the Summit, and allowing him to walk away without a fight would arguably be worse than losing Jake Turner to Plymouth last year, in my opinion.

All that said, we obviously can’t rebuild with free agents alone. For the past few years, this team hasn’t held high draft picks, and frankly the quality of our selections bear that out. This year however, we have a lottery pick, and with it an opportunity to draft a talented young player to complement our retooled roster. That is just what we plan to do.”

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