Chantal Magnano's Bra Toss Challenge -[pint-sized Story]

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Chantal Magnano's Bra Toss Challenge -[pint-sized Story]

Postby Harlow » April 15th, 2017, 5:58 pm

Winnipeg, MB: 1:00 P.M

A blonde mongoose walked to the empty court, and proceedes to sit down and fumble with her phone and a mini tripod. Everyone else was on their lunch break, but she got out early to pull out a little something she planned to do ever since her old friends in Vegas poked her about it in her social media. Fixing her hair and her top, Chantal pressed the recording button in her phone.

"Hello, Internet! It's me! Chantal Magnano, rookie from the Winnipeg Voyageurs, and this..." she looked down pulling a garment into the camera view " my bra!" The mongoose smiled at the sight of the dark blue piece of underwear. "Thanks to my old friends back at Vegas who nominated me, (you think I wasn't watching, eh Ashli?) to do the Bra Toss Challenge to toss my support for women over the world and thank amazing role models for all of us!"

Chantal fixed her hair as she looked in the camera. "I want to toss my support for former Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Gaines. Liz, you are a highly respected member of the U.S politics and the world of science. Without you, we wouldn't have made any advancements in the field of gender equality and you have been the biggest voice and worker of your field and, while this win didn't happen, you should know you are still beloved and that your efforts aren't in vain and that I am #WithHer. For that, I will not only toss you my support, but I am gonna score one for the girls!" Chantal then stood up, taking the position she was so accustomed to, and lobbed up her balled up bra towards the hoop, managing to get the garment in the basket.

"I wanna nominate my fellow Top 24 lady, Tia Terra from the Bangor Tides, and since she is a fan of the league, miss Sandra Harris, so she can toss hers in zero gravity! It's girl love! We're in this together!" she winked and shot a peace sign to the camera before she sheepishly looked at her bra hanging from the hoop.

"I'll pick that up before the teammies arrive, heh..."

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Re: Chantal Magnano's Bra Toss Challenge -[pint-sized Story]

Postby wolfnumber9 » April 24th, 2017, 8:02 am

The video starts with Tia's eyes close to the camera.
"Is this on? Did the video start yet?" Tia asked.
"Is the red light showing babe?" Ask Daria Demitri.
"It's on....get your eyes out of the camera, silly tail."
"Oh." Tia said as she moved the camera and held it right in front of her.
"Hey everyone watching. My name is Tia and this is my girlfriend Daria."
She moved the camera and pointed it down to Daria who was holding a basketball, also revealing that they were in the Bangor Tides practice gym.
"Hello." Said Daria.
"So we're here in the Bangor practice gym to do a little challenge that my friend Chantal asked me to do and it looked like fun. Also I want to show my support to all strong women out there. I want to thank a lot of teachers that I had at Vanderbarn, My agent, Shandra, for believing in me. I want to thank the strong women in the FBA for being role-models for all of us and I hope that one day I can be like that to. But most important, I have to thank my mama. She raised me all on her own and fought for me when everyone put me down......thank you so much mama. I love you always."
Tia was then interrupted by a tug at her side. She moved the camera down and to show Daria hugging her at her side. With Tia's height, Daria's head only reached Tia's stomach, but they both giggled at the quick hug.
"Girls of the world! We are in this together!" She yelled happily. "Okay, let's do it."
"Hehe, okay so, Daria had this pretty cool idea." Tia then picked up what was her sports bra and Daria's bra tied together to make a ball-like object. "So we decided to tie our bras together and Daria's gonna give me an ally-oop pass."
With excitement, Tia ran and put the camera down so that the hoop was showing and then got in position. Then, Daria was shown holding the bras and having her back to the basket.
"Ready?!" She asked.
"Ready!" Answered Tia.
Daria then threw the bras up high behind her and Tia swooped in caught it in mid air and slammed it down with to hands. The two cheered as Tia landed back on the ground.
"Challenge someone else! Challenge someone else!" Said Daria.
"Oh, okay....uh, I challenge....Lindsey Morrison and......oh, and Rebecca Goldberg!"
"Fantastic!" Said Daria. "Okay bye everyone."
Tia then picked up the camera and waved goodbye. Then a voice was heard in the distance.
"Tia, are you in here?!" It said.
"That sounds like Kidane...." Tia said. "Gotta go to practice, bye."
The video turns off.

((Sorry for being late on this ;) ))
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