Chapter 5 - Returning to Home

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Chapter 5 - Returning to Home

Postby BasketOttley » July 20th, 2017, 2:56 pm

The FBA season has recently ended, his team Huntsville lost the Play-off’s a while before the finals, without a sign of disappointment off the Eurasian Otter, he felt that next season he will get better than before.

He started up his Lexus IS-F and drove back to his home thinking about the rollercoaster time he had with Seattle and now with Huntsville, he was also wondering where he would be heading after the contract would end with his recent team after next season.

The next day, he got ready by putting on his gear ready to do some jogging and begin his self-training. Next step was starting his workout in the gym where he seriously needed to add a bit of muscle.

After a decent couple of months, Ryan looked improved with his body, there was slight muscle around him especially a six-pack formed. The otter was quite pleased with the regime and he knew that what he did was right.

After his self-training was done, the next thing was to meet his mother, his ears drooped a bit when he looked at the photos of his family, when Ryan was a little pup in hospital and his mother was carrying him and cradling him.

Then he saw photos of him and his dad which made him start the waterworks, he still missed him to this day. The photo of when Ryan was about 7 years old carrying a signed basketball and wearing the Lorain Firestorm baseball cap whilst he was on holiday in the USA.

Ryan kissed the picture and placed it on a small cabinet where he placed all the photos for memories.
The day after he caught the plane and headed to Kendal in the UK to visit his family for a few weeks, he wanted to spend time with them and discuss on how his career is going.

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