Hospital Statement

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Hospital Statement

Postby Harlow » July 4th, 2018, 1:57 pm

(On quick collaboration with Patrick, who did Kaspar's bits!)

The polecat crossed his arms, tapping his pinky finger. "Come on, Kaspar, is it on yet?"

The lynx figeted with the phone. "Give me a minute... get an oPhone next time..."

"Don't tell me you're one of those fanfurs..."

"Okay okay, it's on. Go"


The polecat nodded. "Yo, America, your polecat's speaking... it was a crazy night, yesterday, so gotta explain more than the clickbat that was posted by the scumbags, which is... partially true, but gonna give you the full."

"After the game and looking over the result, my body just... quit. On the days going into this I barely slept, I barely talked, I barely ate, teammates can testify... being in this position is one of the toughest ones one can be mentally. It fucks you up. See?" Sterling lifted his arm, an IV through his vein. "I thought it was a heart attack, but it was everything comin to me at fucking once and I went unresponsive and hit my head on the way. Still breathing, still vitals, but I went out bad..." he looked down, sighing.

"One gotta keep his morale strong and confidence up. For you, your teammates, the fans, the rookies, say hi..."

The lynx flipped the phone to himself somewhat clumsily, "um.. Tere!" and flipped back to Sterling.

"...for the attitude is contagious. One can't go on battle with doubts, one can't go on thinking of the possibilities. If you go out there, you want to be your best self, and for all intents and purposes, it works. Went farther than any of the vocal critics, and for all the talling back they do, we're the ones that took this team this far... a team that..."

Sterling shifted his IV tube for comfortable gesturing. "To be honest... Biloxi wasn't supposed to go this far. Now before you get mad at me, gonna explain."
The polecat shifts on the bed.

"I took on Biloxi with the plan to work on them for the future, to really optimize them in what... three or four years time? But then the guys here surprised me. The fans surpised me, the city was so fucking awesome and everyone on the staff, coach and team responded so well, I felt that at least mentally, we reached the top. Everyone clicked, everyone's energy worked for the better, and a team that should have been around... top 8 or so, became one of the most dangerous teams in the east, now officially the most dangerous."

"Those games, both Dakota and Biloxi had brilliant streaks and stupid decisions, don't deny it, but for opponents come, they are worthy champs. They won't let this chance go to waste like others before them. To Matt and Jon, who woulda thought the guys at that dingy fucking Spokane bar, promising that we all gonna go big above the rest, actually were standing neck to neck next to each other."

Sterling shifted his hospital gown. "I fucking swear these shits don't hold..."

"Jonny boy... I know ya played for your dad, and yanno there's no driving force bigger than family. Respect. Matt, ya literally broke your arm for this and came back, showing these west team bitches how it's done, hear that Barton... the big Biloxi icon, and city dear... gave you pointers. Dylan, gotta be glad this time you're a champ this time without trying to kill someone, ja?" He grinned.

"I know ya want me to be angry and whatever the fuck but yanno... we took this team to a place they can be proud and hope for something big. We won awards, we made out of every sports pundit an ass out of themselves and took these black sheeps to the bitter end. So many players that ditched some pretty fucking amazing people for an easy ring or sucess that won't be remembered by anyone in a long run... I made the right decision on taking this uniform and these guys on my first finals. Yeah, I said first finals. With the Howlers I did go, but Biloxi is the team that truly made me feel part of the machine. Mr. Waldrop, Mr. Lachler, Biloxi and all the gulf, ya bet we'll be there again cuz I am here to stay and make sure it goes that way. This is a new Voodoo that won't go away. Heja Voodoo." He shot some horns on one of his paws.

"Okay Kaspar, cut... I said cut..."

"Where's the stop button?"

"Bah, fuck it give me the phone..." Sterling said as he stopped the video, sighing, reading the well-wishes and congratulations they were getting.

"For what is worth? It's the best team I coulda gotten into." Kaspar replied.

"Pft, next time, make sure you don't win an award with your boyfriend."

Kaspar chuckled, shaking his head. "Gonna head out right?"

"Right, till later, rook..." he said as the lynx exited. Just then a message buzzed in his phone.

Dad: "You did amazing, and it only goes up from there. I'm proud of you and you got a special message." Avoice note was attached, the polecat tapping on it, a message in Swedish sounding off.

(("Hello Sterling. This is the Ministry of Sport of Sweden, also on behalf of the Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven. You are Sweden's greatest ambassador and a symbol of fighting, resilance, perseverance and absolute strength. The Bengtzings continue to be the best players this country had given. We are proud of you."))

The polecat sighed, smiling. "It ain't over..."

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