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Postby Anonymous13423 » August 21st, 2018, 3:20 pm

While Derek Kim takes a vacation at the family home, a certain familiar guest decides to take a visit...

"Hyung" is a Korean honorific usually reserved for a male sibling or otherwise close acquaintance of older age (think "bro").

All characters involved are mine.


August 11, 2018
Pasadena, CA

It was around two p.m., and scorching hot outside, when Derek Kim (Kkachi, G) heard the doorbell ring in his family home. His mother was out on a shopping date, and his father was in the master bedroom watching the FPGA Championship (some guy named Koepka was leading); naturally, it came to Derek to answer the door. Not wanting to keep whoever was outside waiting, he quickly opened the door... only to find a familiar ursine waiting outside.



Lee Jin-Sung (Black Bear, F)’s three year contract with the Santa Ana Spectrums had finished with the end of last season, and he’d come to discuss his plans for free agency with his agent, Charles Kim… who also happened to be Derek’s father.

“Jin-Sung! I didn’t expect you here so early!” said Charles as he came out of the bedroom, and (to Derek’s relief) dressed relatively well compared to a few minutes ago.

“Had to end my vacation a bit early to prepare,” said the bear as he sat down on the living room couch, playfully noogying the younger bird. “Unlike this guy right here.”

“Hey!” said Derek, caught in the bigger bear’s headlock. “My season was longer than yours and I’m not even a free agent right now!”

“Now, now, that’s my son you’re holding,” said Charles, as Jin-Sung sheepishly let go. “I assume we’re here to discuss your whereabouts for free agency…” The bear nodded.

“And I’m here to help out as a friend,” said Derek as he opened up his laptop. “So, let’s see what we’ve got…”


The discussion had not gone as well as expected. This potentially being his last chance to cash in for a huge contract, Jin-Sung had wanted a good offer to stay in the Spectrums, but there were simply too many competitors in his spot also available as well; Tevela, Carbonneau, Fiora… the list went on and on. Crossing out the teams one by one, they’d eventually concluded on a list of a few potential teams could he could realistically start at small forward, none of them quite up to the bear’s liking.

“Thanks for your advice, Mr. Kim… and yours too, Dae-Ryuk,” said Jin-Sung nonetheless as he finished going over everything again. “It was nice to see all of you again today.”

“Hyung...” asked Derek. “Wanna go for Korean barbecue tonight? Dad and I have a reservation for tonight for two, but we could always change it to add one more person.”

When Jin-Sung looked hesitant at first, Derek added, “Come on, hyung! It’s been a while since we’ve met face to face the last time, I kinda want to do you a favor, and besides… I’m buying.”

The bear took a glance at Charles’s facial expression for any pointers, but there seemed to be no disapproval from the older kkachi. He smiled. “You did say that you’d be buying…”


The last time they’d had Korean barbecue, the meat was pork belly, the two still had a long way to go till success, and no one could recognize them at a safe distance. Now, however, Derek was an FBA finalist, Jin-Sung was an experienced veteran, and it was impossible for people to not recognize them; thus, they were forced to abandon their former favorite restaurant and go to a pretty exclusive place serving…

“Beef!” exclaimed the bear as he cut up the ribeye into pieces on the charcoal grill. “Nothing tastes better than beef that someone else is paying for, am I right?”

“Sure, heh,” said Derek as he dipped a piece in some sea salt before gobbling it up. “At least you’re the one who’s grilling the meat this time.”

“You two up for some soju?” said Charles as he indicated the green tinted glass bottles next to the grill.

“Sure thing, Mr. Kim,” said Jin-Sung, getting the shot glasses ready. Charles poured the shots to the two players before pouring one for himself.

“Cheers... to your long and successful careers?”


An hour and a half later, they’d gone through about twelve servings of beef and four bottles of soju, and talk was getting increasingly inebriated. Charles had gone for a bathroom break, which had left the two players to discuss whatever they wanted without the older kkachi’s interference.

“So, Dae-Ryuk… how’s Biloxi been treating you?”

“Oh, don’t even ask; stuff’s been a blast, the fans love me, the team rolls like a machine, so on… didn’t you like… already ask this question like twice?”

“Hehe… Maybe, maybe not…” said the bear. “It’s funny because when we first met back in 2011 I was like the hotshot prospect and you were still in high school… now you’re the new point guard sensation and I’m…” Yet another shot of soju.

“Hey, you’ve still been starter for the Spectrums for the last three years! I’d kill to play for them someday but they already have Anggun locked up…”

“Heh… I’d just like to start wherever I end up next year… It’s definitely gonna be a busy year for me,” said Jin-Sung. “I mean, I have to deal with FA, getting married, and-”

“You’re WHAT?!” exclaimed the kkachi, quickly prompting Jin-Sung to calm him down from the initial shock.


“...yeah, I guess, but… seriously… what?!”

“...It’s supposed to be a secret, I haven’t really said it to anyone but your dad yet,” said the bear in a hushed voice. “But we’re pretty serious… hoping to make it official after next season is over…”

“Mind if I ask who it is?” said Derek.

“Remember the Korean reporter from SBC during the conference semis? May or may not have interviewed you at some point?”

“Oh her… obviously she’s not my type, but I can see why you like her…”

“...When are you gonna hit it up with your own girlfriend anyway?”

“Oh shut up!” said Derek. “She’s still busy with her group promoting the latest summer hit all across Korea… long distance sucks.”

“Tell me about it…” replied Jin-Sung, pouring even more soju into their glasses. “Let’s have another toast then… Cheers-”


“-to our successful love lives!” finished Jin-Sung, ignoring Derek’s attempt to quiet the bear down… and completely oblivious to the watchful eye of Charles who had just entered the room; Derek sighed.

“I think,” said the older kkachi. “This calls for the end of the night.”


As the hired designated driver drove the three back home, with the agent in the other front seat and the two players in the back seats, Derek, in his slightly intoxicated state (Jin-Sung had already fallen asleep), couldn’t help but chuckle at how fun it was tonight, getting together with an old friend, taking a short break before the madness of the regular season would inevitably strike the two of them again...

Just like old times, man...

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