Welcome Speech to Combine!

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Welcome Speech to Combine!

Postby gideonwebb » May 21st, 2014, 5:29 am

On behalf of the Mayors’ and the people of Huntsville, I welcome all of you to the 2014 Draft Combine. I am Levi Walstein, and I bid every draftee, agent, coach, GM, and reporter welcome. I hope you enjoy the friendliness that graces the city of Huntsville.
While here, we wish every draftee the best of luck, and everyone be blessed in the upcoming draft. Having said that, some rules must be observed: first, and foremost, no altercations, coarse jesting, and any behavior that offends or demeans another person. We respect one another. All of you are chasing the same dream; treat each other with the utmost respect.
Secondly, obey the rules and directions that are given to you. If one cannot play the game, the offender will be dealt with in the proper manner. Third, if you see or hear of an emergency, if it should arise, then please let any member of security know. We want a safe environment for everyone.
Lastly, meet others you have not met and do not know. We are all here to grow from this experience. Do not let the moment be lost forever.
Once again, welcome to the 2014 Draft Combine.

- Levi Walstein

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