Committee Notice - Draftee List for 2016

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Committee Notice - Draftee List for 2016

Postby Harlow » August 7th, 2016, 2:09 pm

Additional invitations to the 2016 Draft Combine have been sent to each one of the following players who have had their applications reviewed and accepted. All contracted athletes and free agents in the league have been barred from attending the Combine.

(Please note: Accepted draftees can still be removed if a contributor violates the code of conduct or if league management -- commissioner or committee member(s) -- determine that a player has become unfit for entry into the league. Acceptance also does not guarantee that your submission will be drafted or signed to a team, nor does it list indicate that your player is up for top 24 consideration. Twitter/stories/art/content that develop your character's personality as well as portray some of their skills can help convince General Managers as they tend to look for and encourage active contributors.)

If you're not listed below, your application for this year's draft has not met the criteria for approval from the selection committee, though you may try again next year.

-Akiak Pratt
-Allen Bannarasee Nantakarn
-Andrius Vilkasaitis
-Anele Nel
-Angelina Nightfire
-Anton Ivanov
-Arex Gonnes Katu
-Arved James Penhall
-Baxter Buckley
-Beau Dapremont
-Biashim Annadurdyyew
-Cadence Raine
-Carla Andrews
-Carol Quiñones
-Cassidy Ellis
-Chantal Magnano
-Chester Longtail
-Courtney Durant
-Daisuke Tenno
-Danica Magnano
-Doug Dawson
-Emmitt Kubari
-Erik Toivonen
-Francisco Garibay
-Gleximar Naranjo
-Hector Hart
-Helen Prescott
-Jared Sunderman
-Jasper LeBeau
-Jayson Owens
-Jedrick Christodoulopoulos
-Jeremiah Asenta
-Jess Nguyen
-Jona Vastenhout
-Jonas McMillan
-Joseph Yanush
-Ladislao Almeida
-Laertes Foxwell
-Lance McGwire
-Lee Baraquin
-Logan Greene
-Mark Gerena Jr.
-Marshall Anderson Rhodes
-Mika Mishima
-Mila Pisarović
-Natalie Bellemare
-Noah Brown
-Paul Paulichek
-Rafael Hayes
-Rebecca Goldberg
-Reji DeVal
-Rosalind Baumhauer
-Ruqayya Barakah
-Samantha Frustor
-Saverio Lazzari
-Simon Lee
-Stan Shields Jr.
-Tadley Weston
-Tahiry Andriamatsinoro
-Takeru Ishijima
-Tasya Fangestu
-Tia Terra
-Timothy Svengaard
-Tori Wetmore
-Tua Wati
-Tyrese Vaughan
-Tyrone Gale
-Wesley Madder

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