2018-2019 Committee Elections

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2018-2019 Committee Elections

Postby admin » July 17th, 2018, 8:24 am

Like last year, the committee slots are being divided into individual roles to help better organize the FBA. Each of the three community-elected Committee members will have various roles that they are responsible for, which will help shape the direction of the FBA’s future.

A brief review of the roles is below, along with the type of people we think should consider the role. Please note that some of the descriptions for these roles may have changed since last year. As a reminder, the three committee roles will still help to shape FBA canon, but will no longer be responsible for the disciplinary portion of FBA Administration. The committee member also does not have to do all that is listed in their job description by themselves, but rather, is the point person responsible for those action items. Other volunteers can and are expected to help out where needed.

You may only apply to two committee roles.

Please consider which roles you think that you are best suited for before you apply. You must fill out a separate application for each role you are running for.

Role descriptions and expectations:

All Roles:
Vote on canon issues
Exhibit leadership among peers
Are present and approachable on Discord and by other means of communication
Demonstrate a willingness to build the community through infrastructure, events, stories, artwork, media, and/or support of like projects
Vote on new draftees/rank in order (per previous years)

Role: Ombudsman/General Volunteer Coordinator
First point of contact between committee/commissioners and members
Unsure who to talk to? Ask no more
Will help new Primary and Secondary contacts with questions if a commissioner is not present
Will reach out to new members to make sure they have what they need.
Will be primary person to talk to regarding a committee issue.
Will be the committee member who returns contact after a decision is made.

Recommended skills for this role:
An effective but empathetic communicator
Articulate and comfortable addressing individuals and crowds
Not afraid to deliver decisions which may be sensitive or difficult to address
Readily reachable and available – “present” in the league

Role: Event Coordinator
Let Community know about upcoming events.
Organize League-wide, League-related events (ASW, Playoffs, Tournaments).
Organize Fun events (Game nights – Jackbox, CAH, Armello, Golf with Friends, etc.)
Comfortable writing announcements for wiki/slack/twitter regarding those upcoming events
Person to contact when “booking” an event like a tourney or a big story line involving multiple franchises, etc.
Coordinate All-Star Week
Maintain the FBA Calendar

Recommended skills for this role/department:
Good organizational skills
Must be able to work with people to coordinate multiple schedules
Willingness and time to run ASW events and coordinate multiple people’s entries
Enjoys brainstorming and organizing new events and activities for large groups in a virtual environment
Good at getting people together in one place

Role: Publications and Statistics Coordinator
Maintain Wiki/Website
Including Stat pages, tracking trends, playoffs pages, etc.
Oversee organization, publication, and production of FBA-wide Publications in print and other media formats (The Hoop, Furballer, FBA Followup, Sports Den, etc.)
Be point of contact for individuals wanting to contribute to or create league-wide publications
Put out calls for quotes or article volunteers if needed
Help with the production of marketing material/public facing properties of the FBA

Recommended skills for this role/department:
Loves tracking stats
Good organizational and web skills
Able to see trends in data and analyze them for less-sports-minded folks
Wants to flex creative muscles
Good at/enjoys talking up the league to strangers

Please use the following link to apply for the Committee:


Applications will be open through 7/29/18 11:59 EDT

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