2018-2019 Primary Contact Applications

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2018-2019 Primary Contact Applications

Postby admin » July 17th, 2018, 8:25 am

Primary Contact applications are open!

Faded has reached out to all Primary Contacts, as mentioned you do not have to apply for the team you currently control. Committee will reach out to individuals who are challenged for control of the team. This application is for those applying for one of the open teams or looking to challenge someone for control of a team. Please make sure to follow the directions!

Application will close in 2 weeks! So July 30th 11:59 PM

Contributors who are outside the 3 year protection window may apply to one of the 3 Open teams as a backup.


You can read over the Team Resource page to get a better understanding of what kind of expectations are in place for Primary Contacts.

http://furrybasketball.net/wiki/index.p ... f_Resource

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