My Mock Run For Commissioner

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My Mock Run For Commissioner

Postby lizzimba » February 19th, 2017, 1:39 pm

Hi guys,

So obviously we are looking for a new commissioner, and in a world where I could apply, I would. I believe strongly in the FBA. However the rules mean I cannot run and whilst the rules are the way they are (and I am probably the reason that rule exists). However I still wished to outline my thoughts on what my manifesto would be in the unikely scenario that the rules were altered to allow my consideration, or to inspire others to think more openly and more widely about how the league can entertain, adapt and change to make a better universe for all of us.

Firstly, as I have never been able to be on the committee, my relative experience has probably gone unnoticed. I have over ten years experience in online game management, creating events that have had up to 100 people compete at once. I have had to make some very difficult decisions over the years, expanded my game, and in fact I was so successful in this, I was eventually head hunted for gameshows. While basketball isn't my main sporting passion, I do make up for this in countless years of online and offline game creation. The FBA would be a huge challenge to take on, but I would 100% believe in my ability to deliver a league that everyone could enjoy.

The following contains my manifesto for the changes I would look to make to the FBA and I hope that some of these would perhaps inspire some conversation about what the FBA can be and acheieve. It is certainly not designed to criticise or anything like that, it is just what I would look to acheive with the league if I were ever to take charge. So enamoured as I am with the FBA, I have thought about this many times before.

:arrow: Stick less rigidly to the structure of a traditional NBA season as our template for the FBA. Create an easier to run calendar of games that ups the stakes in each individual game whilst not harming the overall seasons impact, or the length of the season.
:arrow: Have more FBA meetings with these used not only for feedback but to share and entertain. Live draws, draft night, storytime, more decisions made actively by the community and an overhauled submission process that takes place earlier in advance, but makes a bigger deal out of the character submitted.
:arrow: A smaller committee of three people rather than five, to allow for a more manageable vision of what the league is trying to achieve and give the league real verve and direction.
:arrow: To improve the draft night experience and take it to the next level.
:arrow: To make international basketball, All Star Game, Dunk Contests and make that a more integral part of the season with more fan interaction.
:arrow: Creating a platform for people to perform to people live, whether thats through the live streams acting as commentaries, podcasts and performing stories, draws etc.
:arrow: Doubling down on the attempt to get new people involved in the league to bring innnew blood, new characters and new fun ideas into the universe.

I believe I could deliver this. It would be hard, but I would love to take the league to the next level. I know I would never be likely to get the chance, but I think its important to share and these points above I believe are most important to taking the league to the next place it needs to be. I remember what got me so excited when I first entered the league, and I want new contributors to get that same butterflies in stomach feeling. In the little bit I try/or am able to contribute to the league, I am always tryng to create that feeling of genuine real life excitement. People going to bed excited by the prospect of things. Creating a real spectacle.

I hope this post will be taken in the good faith it is intended, and I applaud Stevie as he takes a well deserved rest from the league. It would be a huge honour to steer the ship before his return (if he ever wanted to).


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