Letter to Hawaii

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Letter to Hawaii

Postby Harlow » December 31st, 2014, 2:54 pm

"There's the saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. And to think that in only 3 months I was taught a lot more than I think I could've been...

For me it wasn't coming to this league with a bubbly persona or beautiful reputation, a rack full of high school and college trophies or a lineage of big FBA players. I had a ball, I had sneakers and... desire. Whether it was running away for a second to play in a cruddy court back in Cannes, to the big fiasco that unfolded in the UCF, I kept walking, I kept dribbling, I kept scoring in an environment that simply did not want me to be who I wanted. There are guys with not many open doors, I had it all open, but barely support to go get it. Some breaks, losses, amazing highs and terrible lows later, I took the plunge... and you trusted me to get me in those top 8. I didn't expect this sport would be so enriching or inspiring but it is, I've met friends for a lifetime, now all around America, teachers whose lessons have impacted me, I have a solid team that I'm proud of being in, everyone cool in their own way.

For years I've built up this wall and always tried to pride myself in thinking that I didn't fit in society, with other players and even with others in the body mod community, that I was destined to be a sore thumb and have that as my tag. This time here, I've grown to accept that... I'm not meant to be such a loner and an outcast. And I want to say from the bottom of my odd, freaky little frenchy heart...

Let 2015 be amazing and bring the best of this island.

Julian Cross-Kiraly. #25, Hawaii Kahunas"

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