Honoring a Star

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Honoring a Star

Postby Harlow » July 29th, 2015, 7:25 pm

Today, with deep sorrow, we annouce the retirement of star player and starting guard of the SJT, Mister Shane Rufus. "Fang" as you know him was an innovator, true to himself and brought a whole new gamestyle to the FBA. For him, it wasn't about technisims or standards, but the desire, strength and will to go out to the court and ball.

It's not unknown to the general audience that Shane has faced a lot of hardships in the past, fall of family, friends and whatnot, but if he taught something to us is that it's not how many times you fall down, but how many times you get up smarter, stronger and ready to take over the world. That's what he did, and he might just be the best example the FBA has saw in recent years. One of the most true to himself, strong atheltes there is. Friends, enemies, home team, rivals, we can all agree on one thing: The most resilant motherclucker we have all ever faced.

Don't you dare think of this as a goodbye. More of a see you soon... Knowing him is a see you tomorrow. We have known of his desires to becomes an analyst or a commentator once he felt his court time was up in for the longest time, keep in track with the FBA, all the behind the scenes. Quite the observant. While he's free to go to wherever he desires, we at San Jose will offer him the opportunity to become an official Thrust Broadcaster, the resident voice of this team. May the honor be ours, we knwo your friends here will love it.

Once in the FBA, always in the FBA, Fang. May your career be cherished and inspire this new slew of ballers.

~Foo-Foo, Owner and Head Coach of the San Jose Thrust.
~Reiko Akemi, General Manager of the San Jose Thrust.

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