Seattle VS Dakota - Redemption

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Seattle VS Dakota - Redemption

Postby itsamadworld919 » December 7th, 2014, 8:18 pm

A collaborative effort between wendingo and itsamadworld919; with help from JadedFox


Basketball is a game of stories. And when two of the most storied teams in the FBA meet for their first clash of the 2013-14 season, there was more than just a win on a line for both clubs. It was a matter of redemption.

The Dakota Bikers and Seattle Summit have had tonight's contest circled for months. While both teams prior to the 2014 FBA season had little in common, and neither team had contested histories, the new outlook of these teams told a completely different story. It was becoming one of the biggest cross-divisional rivalries in the Western Conference.

But how come? Well, on June 9th, Bernard Dwight - owner of the Dakota Bikers - released Vicki Turner from the Bikers organization as General Manager. The move left many fans concerned about the future of the Bikers. Was this the end of an era? Were Malone and Redfield about to walk out the door too? After all, Dylan’s contract was up, and there was no guarantee that Dakota could keep him around.

Vicki Turner's basketball career as a player, coach, and executive has taken her all over the world. Sometimes, though, being at home is the ultimate advantage, and this Tuesday was no different. It took little more than four months for the future FBA Hall of Famer to find her next job - as a General Manager for the Spokane Rapids.


By now most of you know that story.

The Dakota Bikers won a title in the 2012-13 season, then had a complete meltdown the following year. Whether it was in-team fighting, indecency charges, or player mismanagement, 2013 was an underwhelming season for the Dakota Bikers, and then General Manager Vicki Turner took the blame, picked up her duffel bag, and walked out the door.

On August 3rd, Vicki Turner signed with the then-Spokane Rapids, now Seattle Summit. There was a lot riding on Vicki to show that her final season in Dakota was nothing more than a fluke, and her first big test was tackling her old team - the Bikers.

Though she wasn’t alone. The vulpine GM made a series of off-season moves to bring many key players from Dakota over to Seattle. She proceeded to sign former Bikers Daniel Quvianuq, Jeri Naranjo, Kinny DeMarcus and Arturo de la Rosa - much to the disdain of the Bikers organization. While new Bikers GM Ben Bracy got involved right away and did much to detract from the bitter taste of departure, head coach Bud Boorman knew all too well the history of what had occurred before him. He knew that, at any moment, Dwight could do the same to him. He needed to win this game.

The game started with little fanfare. Both benches looked unmoved, but there was a determination that something would break. Some of the Summit fans in the audience knew that Vicki Turner would throw out all her weapons for this one game, even if it meant sacrificing the well-being of her players.
And the mood was reflected in Jake as well. Not one to boast, the big fox was all over the court - showing off moves and skills that only a few months earlier were nowhere to be seen. By halftime, the Bikers were neck-and-neck with the Summit. After the halftime pep talk, however, it seemed that the fun and games were over. A tie game was simply unacceptable.

In the third quarter, veteran center Fenruss Brylee took a hard shove from rookie forward Jake Turner. The wolf had to be reviewed by medical personnel in what early reports look to be a dislocated shoulder.

On the very next play, Dylan Redfield caught Arturo de la Rosa when going in for a steal, and made a hand motion towards his tail feathers, ultimately ripping them free from the bird’s tail. This lead to both benches rising up, as threats were called by both sides. In a game where tensions were already high, stakes were continuously raised and re-raised.

The two teams kept up the game close into the fourth quarter with the game looking to be decided in the final seconds. Seattles would go on to add Tracy Law to the injury list as she took a hard shot to the cheek from Cassidy Whitelatch. Then, with the game tied at 100 a piece and under a minute remaining, former Bikers guard Jeri Naranjo shifted awkwardly on her ankle and left the game.

With the game tied and with fourteen seconds to go in the game, undrafted rookie Jerome Swimmer came in as a replacement point guard. With Jamie well-covered by Ryan Malone and Jake Turner double-covered in the paint, Evan Marshall managed to find the Swim-phin in the corner for the final shot. The ball sailed in as time expired, sending a grumpy Dakota home with a hard loss.

“Not a lot of aquatics play in the league today, but Jerome is turning that tide and showing the world that they can,” said Mack Sherman.

Vicki Turner spoke with the media after the game, reiterating that this was just another game and that a win against the Bikers is worth the same as a win against any other team. However, when asked how she felt about a player that she drafted managed to sink the final points against her old team, Vicki finally smiled and opened up - ever so slightly - to answer.

“I felt redeemed.”

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