Looking for a player for Jorge Gonzalez

Just because they've been created, doesn't mean there's someone actively developing them. Here's where you'll find players that are looking for Actors to portray them in the league.
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Looking for a player for Jorge Gonzalez

Postby MrInitialMan » August 8th, 2014, 12:32 pm

His FBA Writeup here

Couple of notes:

His English has improved in the 6 years that he's been in the FBA, but he and his agent still speak in Welsh, and probably always will (until he gets a new agent). He still has a strong accent, though.

He likes the city of Toledo, Spain a little less than T. Matt Latrans likes the state of Oregon (and if he meets a player who's proud of his Spanish heritage--ESPECIALLY if s/he's from Toledo--, there will be difficulties).

If he meets a player from Wales (or at least speaks Welsh), he WILL address them in Welsh.

I honestly like the guy, but I'm stretched thin as it is.

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