The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 1 - Wednesday

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Stefan Calico
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The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 1 - Wednesday

Postby Stefan Calico » August 7th, 2015, 6:32 pm

Accepted prospects had been sent their welcoming packets as well as a travel voucher for a flight to Spokane, WA, along with all of the paperwork that they would need to gain entry into the Combine. The forms also had a reminder that the schedule of events would be available at the athlete registration desks, and sign-up sheets for everything (except the Jackal's Gauntlet) would be taken care of there.

(( Please refer to this schedule for a detailed listing of events, and feel free to use this thread as a gathering spot for all things that happened on Wednesday. ))
Stefan Calico
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Re: The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 1 - Wednesday

Postby Eaite » August 11th, 2015, 9:58 pm

05:00 - Wednesday, August 11th 2015

!Wake Up Randy! First Day of Combine.

Ruby pupils stared blearily at the bright smartphone screen as a particularly annoying alarm blared. The phone fell back on the nightstand with a thud and bed sheets rustled until a foot poked out from underneath. Cold! the rat thought, as a shiver racked his body momentarily. He always preferred his room icy cold and it was nice his mom remembered that and turned down the thermostat. It wasn't surprising, as Mrs. Mackenbach was almost obsessed with little details.

*Buzz-Buzzzzzz* 1 new message

From: Nick
Hey lab rat! You awake yet? Isn't this the first day of the rest of your freaking life?! :D

Randy reluctantly kicked the sheets off and sat up on the edge of the bed as he grabbed his phone again.

To: Nick
I should have guessed you'd be bugging me out of bed today, haha.


From : Nick
Of course. What are best friends for? ;) Good luck out there this weekend. Let me know when you're doing one of the full court games. Wanna see you kick tail!

Randy smirked for a moment, but it faded as he replied as he made his way to the shower. Should go over to the stadium. Get my head on straight before everything starts, he thought as he let hot water run over his face, down his chest stomach and into the shower drain.


The white rat slung his day bag over his shoulders and started the engine on his motorcycle. The Jubilant Eyre, a very British looking dark green motorcycle, roared to life in the cool summer morning air. The road laid almost empty in front of him save for a few sleepy, coffee driven service industry personnel and blue collar folk tasked with starting the world spinning for the white collar workforce.

Randy curled up his tail around him as he zipped around the sleepy traffic of Spokane, down the hills and into the city proper where he tried to time his riding just right to hit all the lights green. Riverfront park and the remnants of the '74 Worlds Fair sprang into view, and just beyond it was Lilac Stadium. A few semi tractor-trailer trucks were pulling out from and pulling into the loading area. Another trailer, off to one side and sprouting with cables, read "FSPN" on the side. Oh, that's right... I'm going to be on television again.

Randy pulled out credentials and showed the early morning security guard to get into the private parking area. "Thank you Mr. Mackenbaaack. Have a great day, sir" the guard said as she waved him through. The rat nodded, even though he could have corrected her pronunciation. It doesn't matter. She's just doing the best she can. I've got to do the same. The wistar rat pulled into one of the empty parking spots and faced east toward the bright, pre-dawn sky. He pulled off his gloves and helmet and fussed with his hair a little to get it around his ears, then pulled out his phone.

05:40 - Wednesday, August 11th 2015

The time updated a few seconds later and the first trickles of light danced off the skyline of Randy's city. Randy's tail twitched slightly as he took a deep breath. Here's to the first day of the rest of my life. I'm going to make it.

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Re: The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 1 - Wednesday

Postby ChampChimp » August 12th, 2015, 4:35 pm

Eight hours of flying later, and George finally touched down in Washington. The weather in Lexington had been beautiful. Stepping off the tarmac, the first thing he noticed was how hot it was. However, a little sweat was a small price to pay. So what if there had been screaming children on both his connecting flights, it might as well have been the train to Hogwarts! The Draft Combine had come, and they had seen fit to invite him.

The days before the letter arrived had been a nightmare. George kept practicing, anything to hide the desperation. His dad had kept badgering about refrigeration as if the hoops dream wasn’t his destiny. Forget that, this monkey was born to play. The invitation had been a gift from god, shutting up all the naysayers. There were even tears in his dad’s eye as he headed for security.

He had been glad the flight landed so early. Getting there at 8 a.m. would ensure he wasn’t late. This was his chance to impress. Nearly a full week of being under the microscope. It made his fur bristle with excitement. There was a definite bounce in his step as he gathered his bags, dragging them behind by the tail.

The money his family had given him easily covered the taxi ride to the Lilac Dome, even with a generous tip to the daredevil lion in the driver’s seat. The man had laughed, promising to get him there in record time. A few run reds later and they were pulling in. George peeled himself from the car and smiled. He had survived college, Kentucky weather, airport security, and big city taxis. Scrimmages were nothing! He bounded in with an ook and a smile. He headed towards registration. The earlier he could check in the better. With luck everything would go swimmingly.

Four fingers crossed!

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Re: The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 1 - Wednesday

Postby cdawg023 » August 12th, 2015, 5:10 pm

Touchdown in Spokane, after a long flight and countless restless nights in the gym Emanuel and his private trainer were working in preparation for this event. The FBA Combine,the stepping stone necessary to further the young crow's dreams of Stardom. Emanuel's senses where heighten and time stop for the brief moment that he stepped off the plane. The deep emotions, sweat and blood invested for this moment to happen wowed and stunned Emanuel. The realization that this moment was a blessing in it's self. A kid from the streets of Brooklyn who could of ended up like anyone else on the street, broke the cycle and his reaching his potential. All though this was the foot in the door necessary to get where he wanted, it wasn't the end of the road.

This combine starts the new chapter for Emanuel and he understood he needed to stand out, he needed to be seen. Sure he might know some of the other furs, or be friends with them, but that wasn't the main objective for him. The crow's mind was set on being a first round draft pick and nothing more. He saw everyone else as blockade to that, which is why when he landed into Spokane and was handed his brochure and greeting for the FBA staff, he almost didn't speak but ten words out of his mouth, A stern look on his face that read only focus. He gave some handshakes but headed to the sign up sheet, with a calm walk and bare recognition of anyone. This wasn't just any other showcase for Emanuel, this was a business meeting to him. nothing meant more then to turn some heads and get put on some people's radar at the end of the week. nothing meant more then proving to everyone he was the best draftee available.

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Re: The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 1 - Wednesday

Postby Nasuella » August 13th, 2015, 7:57 am

For months, Saga Ström been waiting.

Ever since the controversy that had ended her career in the Swedish national league halfway through her first season, the howler monkey had turned her eyes stateside. Out of desperation, she chose the FBA, hoping to prove that all of her efforts weren't for nothing. It was a lengthy, painful wait until applications were open, and another lengthy wait before she received the news that she'd been accepted.

From then, it was another long wait before the Combine. She'd passed up on the opportunity to head to Vegas, so this was the first time she'd be heading to the USA. As much as she hated that country for its myriad problems, she knew that it wouldn't be her last trip, and she was hoping that she'd end up moving there... well, preferably Canada, but she only had so much power over where she got to go.

In time, she arrived in Spokane almost a week before the Combine was due to begin, and had been working on a self-imposed training regiment. Aside from a rather humiliating loss to some Australian dragon, it had largely gone as she'd expected. She'd done all she could, and was ready for the worst that the media and her fellow draft candidates could throw at her.

She was not ready for the news of the FBAPA going on strike.

In hindsight, she later thought to herself, it was surprising that this hadn't happened sooner. The FBA's recent history had been marked by controversy after controversy, after all. Nonetheless, the shadow of the strike hung over the event, and it had a clear effect on the moods of nearly everyone who was present. If Saga's mood had been affected by this, she didn't let it show; she was as direct, distant, and near-stoic as ever. She had to stay calm and focused. She had to set an example.

It wouldn't have been hard to miss her; she was an almost yellow-furred howler monkey with a crooked and prematurely wrinkled face, with parts of her fur outright missing. The staff who took her registration and pre-examined her to make sure she was okay must have been surprised to learn that she was healthy enough. She certainly did attract some unwanted attention from people who were willing to deride her for the "crime" of being an ugly woman. She didn't have time to give them a reaction, although she did throw away a plastic surgery pamphlet she'd been given as soon as she could.

She also had the "gall" to wear what was clearly a man's suit at the Combine's inauguration and the reception dinner. (She just didn't look good in dresses.) Through it all, she remained silent, only speaking when some idiots tried to engage her in conversation at the dinner. That conversation was awkward and brief, and she decided to leave and head straight back to the hotel as soon as she'd finished eating.

On Tweeter, she would later write that she'd done her usual thing of studying game footage before going to bed. While that was true, it wasn't entirely so: during that, she got a phone call from her friend Axe - a drunken and deeply upset Axe who had been in a vicious argument with his brother over the FBAPA strike not long before.

Saga didn't say much; she just listened. It was the only thing she could think of that could help...

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Re: The 2015 Draft Combine: Day 1 - Wednesday

Postby DeCr3ature » August 13th, 2015, 11:14 am

A.C. glanced around nervously as he stepped from the doors of the airport that lead back into the outside, and brought him closer to dream, and his desire. After years of struggle on the court, as well as within himself, he was finally here. Well, not quite yet. He had made it into the potential draft candidates. That was still farther than he had been a year ago. His parents would be proud of him, were they still around. He shook his head to rid him of the dark thoughts that threatened to overwhelm him, while he signaled for a taxi. Despite his shier nature, his height and coloring were unusual enough to get him noticed, and some furs stared as they passed by him. He desperately wanted a taxi right now, so he could escape this sudden attention. It seemed that lady luck was looking kindly on him today, as a taxi cab speed up to the cur next to him, and screeched to a halt in a cloud of smoke and dust. He escaped into the interior of the cab, coughing to clear his lungs, and banging his head on the room of the cab for his troubles.

He told the driver where he wanted to go, and as the car sped off, A.C. lay back against the seat. Hopefully the rest of the week would go better....

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