2015 Pre-Season Day 15 (10/29)

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2015 Pre-Season Day 15 (10/29)

Postby Stefan Calico » October 29th, 2016, 2:10 pm

* (by Gabriel_Fawkes)

Greetings from the deserts of Nevada, this is Ronan Shields for FSPN. Welcome all to the final preseason game of the 2016-2017 season. Queens Pride visiting Las Vegas Wildcards, Zoie Wilds and Xavier Knutten against Li Ho Fook and Misha Maxwell. Vegas may be favored to win this matchup, having won the last four preseason games, one of those being over the Pride in the Queens. Both teams seem to be starting their main lineups for what will most likely be for the year. The question now is: has LVG turned their fortunes around from last year and prove that the house always wins or will the Pride run the tables and beat the Wildcards at their game? Before the tip off there was a display of some good sportsmanship as both Mister Fook and Miss Maxwell met their opponents at center court for a brief handshake. Miss Wilds, though only on the team for less than a season, received a warm welcome back from the Sin City crowd as well, but once tip off happened the crowd was anything but behind the former Wildcard.
It didn’t take long for the ‘Cards to draw first blood as off the tip the ball was given to Fook who let fly with one of his trademark threes. Not to be outdone by the Grand Master, Zip-nut and Micah both answer back with a pair from the outside the arc themselves. This would put the Wildcards on the back paw for the next few minutes of play before Misha Maxwell showed why she is the queen of thieves, by first stealing the rock from Tevela to net her own three, then later on before the end making a pick off on a pass from Hockner to set up the big bad wolf Fenruss for one of the big furs monster dunks to end the quarter. Q1> QNS 22, LVG 26.
Moving onto the second quarter the Wildcards proceeded to increase the lead they had over Queens, but after a fitting timeout by Coach Dunphy the Pride came roaring back to tie up the game for a few moments and lead for another. That sadly started to fall apart when rookie Lee Baraquin snagged a rebound from a failed Davenport three to set up a relay between him, Fook and Maxwell to snatch control of the game back and start an eight point rally that was kept safely intact by the Baraquin and Brylee glass scrubbing services. Not to be completely outdone the Pride’s Micah Davenport made up for his failed three by scoring a couple from the paint as well as a pair of dunks to trail just a point behind Misha Maxwell in the top scorers for the game. Also not to be out shown by his Vegas counterpart, Vic Hockner used the one flap rule to his advantage to snag 6 rebounds of his own, proving the two year vet has improved his game a lot. Fook switched up his game a little after the first quarter, shooting a little less from the woods and helping set up a few assists, ending the half with four in total to which Miss Wilds also recorded for her team at the break. Q2> QNS 45, LVG 53.
Coach Dunphy must have had a screaming fit in the locker room during halftime. After the break the Pride started to fight back hard with many of their bench players making some critical scores, but it seemed that Vegas was still very much in control of the game. One excellent example of the visitors’ bench came from Tasya Fangestu, who received a near half-court lob pass from Wilds to sink a picture perfect three. Alas not all is right in Queens as Davenport seemed to have landed a snap cold streak going into the start of the second half, though thankfully Adam Tevela stepped up his game to help keep the ship afloat. The Wildcards meanwhile were in a bit of cruise control as Maxwell and company kept the points train rolling to hold ‘The Boss’ and her teammates to a five-point lead over their opponents, though this reporter hopes the Nut and Wild Thing can get back in gear. Q3> QNS 71, LVG 76.
As the final quarter of the game started rolling it was a bit quiet from both teams until Tevela decided to try for a dunk only to be massively denied but the rookie Baraquin. The ball was subsequently grabbed by Miss Maxwell, who was off like a shot and proved she too can dunk like many of the guys with a heavy two handed slam to make her point. This did nothing to dampen the spirits of the Pride players who continued to scratch and claw for points, Davenport being one who managed to save some face with a pair of buckets to end the night at 14. Tevela shook off the big block without much fuss and scored a few more times, but sadly the writing was on the wall for the eventual King of Queens. At the end of the night the old adage “The House always wins” rang true as the Wildcards finish up in style with Player of the Game Lee Baraquin landing a monster dunk with less than two seconds on the clock. The Final score> QNS 97, LVG 101. This has been Ronan Shields for FSPN signing off on this one.
Other players of note: LVG Misha Maxwell (18p, 1r, 6a, 2s) and QNS Vic Hocnker (10p, 11r, 2b).

QNS 22 23 26 26 97
LVG 26 27 23 25 101
PotG: Lee Baraquin - 11 pts, 13 rebs, 2 asts, 1 blk.
King of Queens: Adam Tevela - 18 pts, 7 rebs, 1 ast, 1 blk.

* (edited by Patrick Suarez)

Boxscores> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... ingle=true
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