Hectors log 12-29-14

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Hectors log 12-29-14

Postby Fraddas » December 29th, 2014, 11:33 pm

It's been a while since my last log and alot has happened since the draft. The season began and as of today we're 12-14.it woudn't be all bad, but we're sitting back where we we're end of last season. i don't know if it's the trades I made, but (i'll talk about those in a minuet) i know we're hungry and we need to rally together soon, or we won't have a snowballs chance in heak to make the playoffs.

As for the trading going on. before Anyone asks I want to clear the air. Yes, me and Kyle Mcleod are in a relationship. And No I did not trade him because someone found out. i wanted him to have a better chance to spread his wings and show the FBA that he has the potential to be a great player. He'll always have a home here in Austin, Texas with me during the off season. but for the regular season. we're together in spirit.

Trading Mariam...ok it's confession time. in a previous log i mentioned mariam having a bright future ahead of her in a few years in the FBA, I stand by that to the grave. This trades been coming for a while though and I'd personally would not rather go into the details at the present time.

I do want to do one honorable happy mention in this Log though, Travis Buckenr. About a year ago he got in major trouble with the league and paid his dues back a thousand fold. Travis also inspired me and the league to give back to noble causes. we had a troubling incident with Trent but I won't go into that, However the fallout caused over half the league to contribute to there local childrens hospitals.

Before December I visited the childresn hspital and saw a rat who was in the middle of chemo and still fighting a cancer. he knew who I was and was excited to be invited to the Charity game/dinner on Christmas alond with a few others too. with all the donations made for Austin's Children's hospital, we raised this month alone over $135,000. That's gonna do remarkable things. Bangor was gonna contribute too but we lost touch on that deal but we will revisit it next time we play each other.

With 2014 coming to a close i wanna say happy holidays and I'll post another log in 2015.

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Re: Hectors log 12-29-14

Postby Kinto » January 1st, 2015, 2:49 pm

((Is this log public? That is, is HecKyle common knowledge now?))

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