Hectors Log 7/30/2015

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Hectors Log 7/30/2015

Postby Fraddas » July 30th, 2015, 10:50 am

Been a while since I wrote a log entry.

First of all this last season went amazing for TXS, 2015 plains Division champions by a miracle final game win and Dakota slipping loss. It was huge status boost for a team in the one FBA division where you really need to up your game or go home. We unfortunately, went home in the first round of the playoffs. I still think if coach had brought Jack and Jakub out of reserves we would have gone on to the second round and maybe further, but I digress. we still have room to grow.

So immediately after our postseason ended, I wound up in Tasmania for the better part of the rest of the post season with Kyle, and Coby Carson. I met Kyle's parents and his younger siblings who are all really nice and welcomed me with open arms. We explored Tasmania, I got to talking with Coby and, despite his uncanny ability to piss of everyone on twitter, he's cool to hang around with. My and Kyle kinda tossed him in the shallow end of the pool and was acting like he was drowning in two feet of water. and of course me and Kyle had 'our time" which was great, despite constant txts from a certain someone who's name rhyme's with "forker" but I won't get into that.

I returned to the USA and commentated on one of the finals games which was a blast. I then returned to Austin and Jack and I had our usual weekly dinner which was pleasant. then the next day I met up with Travis and his agent to talk about what it would take to keep him in TXS, or give us an edge over other teams looking at him. I was caught off guard by some of the demands, probably because of jetlag. but the demands did not sit well with some in the locker room. It's calmed down since then but there are still some who are a bit rattled. I am worried, but I got plans of my own, and a brother who is a lawyer.

Free agency is going at a steady pace, I got a contract ready for Travis but am biding my time. I also managed to trade for Lukas and Brachy. Buck was over the moon when I showed him the tweet from the commissioner making it official. and everyone was happy to see Lukas when I brought him in, although e did seem a bit off. I may talk to him later to make sure he's not feeling resentment or anything bad. either way bench rebuilds looking good just need some more assembly and a test before I can call it a well oiled machine.

I think that about sums things up. I may do another log before the season starts but for now I hope this will suffice.

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