BAL interviews - Day 1

Plenty of players never got their chance to play on one of the main FBA teams, and here they mingle with unsigned veterans hoping to get called back to play.
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BAL interviews - Day 1

Postby Theodore Rockwell » August 13th, 2015, 9:08 pm

François Martineau

Thank you for arriving on time, Mr. Martineau.

My pleasure really, merci madame.

Now I have a few questions for you. First of all, what has drawn you to love art and also play basketball? From reading your background, you studied well at UAL with a degree in art.

Well, when I was young and even today, I always had an attention to detail. And playing basketball, details are important, as I guess my focus and preparation has gelled over with basketball too as it grown on me.

I am rebuilding the Spirits' to its former glory days back when they were one of the best teams. What can you contribute to my franchise? What makes you stand out?

Well madame, I always someone that will be on task to do what's need to be done and put the work into do my job. Many has complimented me for my work ethic, as really its my attention to detail and commitment standing out again. More skill wise, I'm known to have the tools to become a great two way guard, which could be invaluable in the future of your franchise.

Okay, here's a practical question. You twisted your ankle and coach sends you out. The score is within a basket with :07 seconds on the clock in the fourth quarter, with the opposing team dominating. How would you handle the situation? Would you beg the coach to let you back in? Be as thorough as you like.

To be perfectly honest, my dedication to the team might push me to try to get back in, as I may tend to keep thing to myself to go through the happened to me a couple of times, came back a preseason game with a busted snout and a facemask. But I know to evaluate the risk, anything more of a twisted ankle, I know I would be a negative to my team getting ng out there, so I try to do my part the easy I can.

Since this is a franchise that's getting onto its feet, I feel that your positive attitude is what we need. Now, the question is how will you deal with losing a few games?

I slowly learned to cope with hardship this summer, and well, when things looks bleak, you got to hang on the little things. And its with those little things that help you keep going to eventually go over the hump.

Finally, how do you see yourself compared to the other draftees in this year's draft class? Intimidated? Confident? Or something else?

There a few draftees which I wish to have certain skills they have. I am aware I may be white skilled in smart ball, but draftees like Sterling and Treshaun has drive and intensity in there street type game that I want to work and motivate myself to fully bloom into the talent I know I have.

Marcella Oliviera

Hello Ms. Oliviera. Pleasure to meet you.

Hola! Real happy to meet you!! nyn

Let's get started, shall we? Now, you grew up in Mexico which your neighborhood was in a slump. And most kids down there would rather play soccer than basketball. So what kept you playing basketball despite the fact that soccer being the dominant sport?

Si, Soccer is big, but madre could not get me to soccer cuz they always look for upperclassmen talent. :c But basketball was really bueno for me! nyn

What can you offer to this team? Basketball IQ? Ball handling skills? Tell me about your play style and personality.

- I'm swift on the court, I like dribbling and handling the ball really quick and run free to the basket!! I'm full of energy as going for a long time on the court is bueno for me! I cheer my teammates spirit! nyn

I do plan to make the Spirits full of wonderful players who are not only good players, but great personality. You seem to fit that category, though I wonder how long will you bite your lip until it hurts?

*blinks* Me bite lip? Me don't understand the question. I love be friends and support me amigos on my team! nyn

How are you prepping for this draft?

Working really hard with my friend Robyn and meet many people and draftees as possible to be better! nyn

Best of luck to you, Ms. Oliviera


Jonathan Lawyer

Thank you for joining me, Mr. Lawyer.

Jonathan Lawyer: No probs Ms. Lowe, glad I had the time to snatch a spot *laughs a little*

Now from reading your bio, you seem to get into basketball early in your early years. Could you tell me a bit more about that experience? When you first had passion for playing basketball.

JL: Oh man where do I start… *smiles* Well on my 6th b-day, my dad took me to a Mayors game for the first time. Of course, the settings between just sitting there watching at home and actually being in the Explorer stadium were very different. Like holy crap man, watching the majestic play of Healey Davis and his boys was freaking amazing. And after the game was all set and done, I actually was lucky enough to get a fistbump from the guy. I mean when you’re at that age, getting a fistbump from arguably the greatest basketball player to ever hit the FBA…That held something special to me, and when my dad gave me something that I still keep today I just saw myself not just playing, but becoming one of the greatest players to play in this League.

How are ya getting by prior to this combine? And do you feel nervous?

I’m doing alright so far, though I’m a bit surprised that it still feels like Cali up in here. *laughs* I mean geez can’t take any kind of break the heat. Haha. And nah I wouldn’t say nervous, but incredibly excited and determined to show what I got to you and the other teams looking in.

Who do you see as the draft class' strongest candidates right now?

Oooh lil toughie right there… hmmm granted I haven’t met all the draftees yet. But if I were to pick my top 5, in no particular order of course, It would be Sterls (Sterling Bengtzing), Tryce (Mallark), (Derek) Kim, Mic aka Salty heh (Micah Davenport), and Aggie (Agundio Atti-Morales). Those boys play hard and have that same passion and spark to play. So those deserve a little praise.

Describe your game-play style for me. I would love to bring in a small forward but as the FBPA mentions, he would not be able to join us.

Well, if you're looking for a guy that can be an offensive powerhouse, then I’m your Kat. I’m definitely known for my jump shots back in college. I’m also pretty damn quick and agile since I am little bit of a lightweight myself. haha I’m also good with make the right passes too, so I believe too many mistakes in that department. But… what I’m not good at.. rebounding.. ugh. I really got to work on those. Usually I have trouble with the bigger guys in the post when trying to grab a board. I always end up getting knocked out of the way.. So yeah definitely one of my main weaknesses.

Anything you wanna mention about yourself before we end the meeting here?

Hmmm… well if you need a guy who can be literally be the face of the franchise *suggest the paint design on his face* Then I think I’ll be able to assist in that department. *chuckles*

Thank you, Mr. Lawyer. We will keep in touch.

Been a pleasure ma’m, hopefully you heard something ya like from me.

Erik Kijani

Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kijani.

Pleasure To meet you too sir.

Now, it says that you are from Africa and living in Florida. Was it the same for you when you played basketball in Africa and here in the United States? Was it different? Tell me your experience.

Well, I moved to Florida when I was very young. Basketball isn’t too popular in Uganda, sadly. I first played Basketball in Florida. How it was different?….um...well it’s a bit of a different atmosphere in Lira. I remember hot days, hard work, some guns….it’s not important, next question.

What can you provide for my franchise since I will be rebuilding it from the ground up? What makes you different from the rest of the point guard class?

I am different from the other point guards because I can be a leader. I can run plays, get people open, make shots when I need to, and I’m not afraid to get rough and rude just to get the ball.

I want the Spirits to be a socially connected team. You think you can break out of your shell and interact with some of the players?

I have no shell. I can guarantee that the whole team will know the kind of person I am and what I fight for. If they like to win, we’ll get along fine, hehe.

What seems to be your strongest attribute when it comes to playing your game on the court?

I find that when in doubt, my passing and my one-on-one defense never seems to fail me. I would say those are the skills that I rely on.

Any lasting impressions you want to give me before we close this interview?

Many players will tell you that they will do everything they can to please you or whatever. I truly mean that. I work hard and play harder so we can all win as a team. I will honestly do everything you need me to. That’s a promise.

Thank you for your time and good luck in the combine.

Thank you for having me.

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