A Message from the Sports Agency of Corker: Rosalie Smoot

Plenty of players never got their chance to play on one of the main FBA teams, and here they mingle with unsigned veterans hoping to get called back to play.
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A Message from the Sports Agency of Corker: Rosalie Smoot

Postby Kinto » September 5th, 2015, 11:41 am

To the General Managers:

As we are sure you are aware, our client, Mrs. Rosalie Smoot, is a free agent as of the end of the 2014-2015 FBA season. Naturally our client expects monetary recompense in line with an athlete of her caliber; however, our client has certain additional primary concerns that we require to be addressed in any contract offers that will be made. If you wish our client to seriously consider your offer, please keep in mind these points that are to be laid out here forthwith:

* Stability – The well-being of her family is foremost among our client’s concerns; to that end we are seeking a minimum 5 year deal with a no-trade clause
* Starter – We want a guaranteed starter position for our client
* Success – If my client’s team has not reached the playoffs within two seasons, we reserve the right to request a trade

So, in summary; Stability, Starter, Success: Smoot. Additional points can be negotiated as the signing date draws nearer. We look forward to your offers and to doing business with you all now and in the years to come.

Cordially yours,

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