Mariam Walstein, Free Agent

Plenty of players never got their chance to play on one of the main FBA teams, and here they mingle with unsigned veterans hoping to get called back to play.
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Mariam Walstein, Free Agent

Postby gideonwebb » September 5th, 2015, 4:21 pm

To the GMs of the FBA:

I would like to bring for your consideration my client, Mariam V. Walstein (African Cape Buffalo, C). Though not many GMs' first choice for a center, Mariam has made a respectable showing of her career thus far. When she first started in 2013, she went from bench on the Texas Lone Stars to starting center for the Newark Pride, where she continued to make improved showing in defense; though not the highest in rebounds, she progressed as the season wore on.

Mariam does realize that certain behavioral patterns of hers on twitter, i.e. the constant talking of family when the focus should be basketball, has estranged her from others, for which she hopes to make amends. Personal situations in her private life do not belong in FBA conversation, and she realizes that. She will not be volunteering family or constantly bringing up family. Mariam apologized to her family for using them as a protective shield; and offers her regrets to anyone else she has offended.

In spite of this introspection, she has spent the off studying her game: increasing speed, plugging holes in her defense, improve defense, and of course, being a team player.

ALso, Mariam Walstein has not made only one demand; my client has made it clear that she is willing to be bench or starter. Mariam Viridis-Varda Walstein only asks for more than a minimum contract, of at least two or three years of play. She is in it for the love of the game. So, M.V. Walstein awaits to show you what she can do for you, if given the chance.

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