Hectors Log 9/11/2015

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Hectors Log 9/11/2015

Postby Fraddas » September 10th, 2015, 9:55 pm

Combine Draft and Strike. the past month has been wild.

The combine was well worth the trip as always. I went with Jack Howell And my brother John. we got to interview and have a small scrimmage match off site of the combine due to a new regulation about current players not allowed on site. All the players I interviewed had real potential and I gained an Idea on who I was gonna Draft.

Draft day. Went with John and I got lucky in grabbing a worth while second, 2nd round pick. I had Jon lawyer and Lindsey Morrison in my sights but San Jose Scooped up Jon and I went for Francois. That messed me up a little, but I managed to in the nick of time grab Ricardo Ortega, if I grabbed Lindsey, who was still available, We'd be in underwood rule radar. and for our final pick we grabbed Whiney Hawkins for a backup forward. I wish I had some of the TXS guys with me at most of these events this year but.....

The Strike. The strike has been taking a toll on me personally. Everyone knows I'm not a sit in the office manager, I'm one to loosen the tie and get involved with the team and help out. Sadly my desire to do so is limited. hell I'm pushing my luck visiting Kyle and grabbing drinks with Jack on a Tuesday. I would have loved to be at the library Yesterday with Travis and the kids it would have been a wonderful time, but FBPA would here about it and our heads would have rolled. Hell I wanted to bring Travis and a few others to the draft to help me out and fulfill our tradition of GM's tab where after the draft we take the rookies to out to dinner my treat for everyone, but the strike made that impossible this year.

Despite my personal descrempencys with the strike, professionally I've got mixed feelings about the demands being made, I support most of it including: 10 day contract, fine reduction, cap increase, and free open social media policies. My one Shtick in the mud is the first is Contract flexability. I'm fine with renegotiating a contract, however the part about "No Trade Clause" is where I draw my line. As my brother pointed out and I already knew, having that and contract renegotiations can be easily abused and unfair all around. My fear is that it would make trading a star player to another team for a star player that one would like on there roster of equal caliber impossible because one or the other has a "No Trade Me" clause on there contract. everything else I say sign the dotted line and let players and GM's have interaction again.

I'd love to say more, because I do havemore to say but it's late and I must sleep

H. Louis

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