Hectors Log 11/7/15

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Hectors Log 11/7/15

Postby Fraddas » November 7th, 2015, 10:55 pm

Ring the bells and light them fires the strike is over! Let me tell you when those magical words hit I about tapped danced at FBA HQ. I've been doing my part as a GM to work with the FBPA to reach an agreement. The full details and fruits of our agreement are signed now and I can breath to some degree.

I do want to make a few things clear. First off, the Travis Buckner thing, yes I'm still a little sad he jumped ship before the agreement was reached. it really complicates things in Austin, it means we're gonna have to shift gears and go another direction both Talent and star wise. and honestly it does really hurt considering we as an organization backed him up when he was down and saved his career after the "incident" and everything we had sunk into him. but as a team I know TXS will prevail and show him what he passed up.

Second off, No, we are NOT moving out of Austin next season. We are However are in the process of building a new stadium. Earlier in the off season/strike, I met with The Bikers owner to get in touch with his sources that helped him build SofaWolf Stadium so we could get it started and finished in time for next season. the sacraffice for him getting us going on a new arena, A season opener Game against TXS. Seemed fair too me TXS and DAK have a score to settle from our playoff games and Dakota still hasn't forgotten we won the division title.

this year is gonna be interesting. we still got a lot to do before the season opener. in the mean time I sign off for now

H. Louis

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